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Обзор и установка Redline AirStock. Винтовка на ВВД. Снайпер в страйкболе. Airsoft Marksman

Обзор и установка Redline AirStock. Винтовка на ВВД. Снайпер в страйкболе. Airsoft Marksman

Translated by Eduard Sulimov Hi everyone! It’s Alexander Evgenievich! You’re on Red Army Airsoft channel This is a new episode of “Sniper in airsoft” series Until the season didn’t come, we’ll tell about our HPA marksman rifle This episode is a review of integrated tank and reglator – “Redline Airstock” But until we start, I’ll anwer the question, which we hear very often for the last 2 months – Where can you buy HPA system? Where can you buy such stock? Who works with HPA systems in Russia? As all of us bought it abroad, we couldn’t give you an advice, but now we can In Moscow there’s a custom workshop “Kugelwerfer” which works with HPA systems professionally Furthermore, Kugelwerfer is the official distributor of Wolverine and Redline in Russia If you want to buy, assemble or tune your HPA system, please, call them! Except for us, they know HPA systems inside out especially they make custom guns using HPA For example, they made HPA SVU and, as we know, PKM Link on their VK group is under the video Well, now we can start our review.

By tradition, the narrator is our team’s marksman This episode is devoted to redline airstock. This is stock for M-series which allows to install low pressure regulator and 13ci tank. This saves you from bearing big tank and hoses Such tanks are produced by some companies such as Ninja Paintball, Guerilla, GI Sports and someone else One tank is enough for 400-1000 shots depending on installed HPA system and exhaust For example, Mancraft with 650fps gives about 400 shots The most economical smp with cqb tune (350 fps) gives 1000 shots Airstock installs on usual aeg’s stock tube mount which needs a little modification ties with screw and draws in with screw-nut Thus it restrains with one screw without screwdriving in gear-box guideway This requires special materials for body.

Low-quality powder alloy can’t handle such assignment Now I’ll show you the assemblage Firstly, disassemble your AEG: put off the upper receiver, stock tube, motor, handle and gear-box Then, you should match base plate of airstcok to the stock tube mount and note its width You should cut the mount by the note with a little disgress downwards You should use dremel, angle grinder or sth like that as you need smooth surface Finally, fastening of mount should be a bit smaller than plate of airstock this gives you needed tension while tightening the screw Further, everything’s easy.

Tight the tank mount with screw, thereby you fasten airstock on the receiver Well, receiver is ready for assembling of HPA engine and hose When assembled it looks like that The rest is to screw balonne in all the way and you will hear opening of the valve on the balonne The system’s under the pressure What about the pressure: there’s regulator of low pressure in airstock called Firebase It works with input 300-900 PSI and gives 40-140 PSI output This is enough for all popular HPA systems The important advantage of this regulator is its speed.

After a shot it regaines pressure in the line as fast as possible This means next shot will have the same pressure even with high rate of fire Regulators which are made for spring has lower speed and aren’t suitable for tempo automatic shooting, especially for autorifle It’s important that airstock works with Low Pressure balonnes (300-400 PSI) Widespread balonnes with 800 PSI give too high pressure and can possibly cause damage for hose and fittings Adjusting of pressure and speed of BBs is realized with hexagedron and located on the end of regulator Regulating is fluent with wide range It also has Tournament Lock.

This is protecting mechanism against overtuners Organizers can put their seal and deny access to regulating screw On big respectable games HPA rifles without Tournament Lock are prohibited The only one minus which we found is cold tank In chill weather it’s not comfortable to touch tank with cheek even with put-on balaklava The manufacter produces plactic overlay like crane-stock but according to reviews it’s kept poorly There’s another method: you can past it with thin ribbon The next episode will be devoted to charging of tank with all possible variants Don’t forget to subscribe our channel and don’t miss new episodes of “Sniper in Airsoft” Bye everyone!


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