Hi everyone, I’m Evgenivich You’re on Red Army Airsoft channel And this is the most recent news release from airsoft world for the last week Of course, there isn’t as much news as last time But there is something General sponsor Planet of airsoft “StrikeArt” – the game pyrotechnics “Babahi” – the airsoft pyrotechnics I want to start with the high-profile news of this week Against which all the other news just fades Ready? A new batch of Gear Craft airsoft helmet replicas came to the Airsoft Store Mask-1SCH with markings of Lord Tachankin from Rainbow Six Siege Here you are laughing According to store representatives Lately people just tortured managers with inquiries When this helmet will again be on sale So – it’s on sale again Who needs it so much – keep up I even left a link LCT continue to work on replicas of the tactical body kit from Zenit Judging by the photos that LCT with enviable regularity upload to the network Very soon on AK from LCT we will see a handguard with RIS-bars B-30 A bracket above a gas pipe B-31 A receiver cover with a RIS-bar B-33 Pistol grip RK-0 And RP-1 reload handle I don’t know why But LCT also showed how the AK-12 AEG will look With the new electric magazine they are working on Fans of firing from AK and effective airsoft should be happy In the photo you can see how the inside of the new magazine is organized It looks like the magazine from CYMA It is powered by 3 finger batteries Capacity – 2000 BBs Total weight – 800 gr The owner of the company LCT Kevin Continues to spoil future new products on his facebook page Apparently, work is now underway on the AEG version of the HK3 I don’t have any detailes yet S&T promised that in the autumn they will release a new line of gas carbines of the M4 series The receivers will planned to be made from metal Most likely it means some kind of aluminum alloy But the fittings will planned to be made from stainless steel They also promise some kind of new hop-up camera That will work with standard AEG-type elastic rubbers King Arms announced a gas sniper rifle Remington M700 In a kit from CAA with an aluminum receiver To be honest I saw a prototype of this rifle at the King Arms booth back in the spring at IWA 2019 But so that it was gas and I had a little time I didn’t attach much importance to it Judging by the announcement, the release is expected very soon More recently the 59th Hobby Show was ended in Japan At which Tokyo Marui showed their new products Obviously, that the main new product of this year from Tokyo Marui Is the Next Generation Aeg version of the MK46 MOD.

0 machine gun The release of which is scheduled for November this year I don’t know how this machine gun will be accepted in Russia But there is definitely a ballyhoo in the west around it The main features of the machine gun are called the strongest recoil That was previously implemented in AEG Imitation of tape cartridge movement Intelligent electronics with self-diagnosis functions and fire control Control of BBs in the box That is, when the BBs in the box end – the electronics doesn’t allow to dryfire Standard for Tokyo Marui is a good hop-up And other features, typical of the latest generation of Next Generation Aeg The price isn’t the most humane – $ 1 365 apiece And it is there In addition to the machine gun itself, the presentation showed what the gearbox looks like Predictably, it is unique gearbox At the stand, you could look at the external tuning And even a special carrying case In addition to the machine gun, Tokyo Marui showed the updated GBBR carbine MTR-16 in gold colour Updated GBB gun M4A51 in black colour Once again showed the V10 Ultra Compact pistol, which they had long promised to release GBBR Type 89 carbine with folding buttstock And the pink gun from the anime Sword Art Online Angel Custom made its own version of the “replica” of the PBS-1 silencer for the AK series Well, how are the replicas.

.. See for yourself And the laser inscription – “Spetsnaz” puts the final nail in the coffin of the entourage Pluses nonetheless are The silencer is made of aviation aluminum Which means it promises to be lightweight and durable Coating – anodizing Thread is standard 14- The silencer without modifications can be used to mask the AT2000 tracer module from AceTech Because the inner diameter of the silencer is optimized for the diameter of this insert The new TAG-35 grenade launcher finally arrived at me And the new 40mm TAG-35D shots on the expelling charge from TAGinn Most likely I’ll shoot it for the first time for further review Right at the game “Zarya-9.

Knockout Blow” Which will be held near Chebarkul from 4 to 6 October There goes our shop of airsoft pyrotechnics “Babahi” Unfortunately, we won’t bring these grenade launchers for sale yet But you can look at the one that I have in my hands If you like it, you will be able to make a pre-order We also plan to raffle off a few tracer nozzles and gifts from AceTech at the initial and final formation So don’t be late and don’t give up ahead of time Bull Gear Customs workshop continues the machine gun theme For lovers of entourage They made an insert into the original combat box of 100 rounds for the M249 According to the workshop, when installing, you won’t have to cut anything Everything is connected very simply The insert and hose fit standard from your machine gun There is an adjustment of the feed rate Capacity is more than 2 700 BBs The price is 6 000 RUB At the IWA 2020 exhibition, it’ promised to make a separate zone In which you can shoot from the new products That will be presented at the exhibition Initiator of the idea is Red Wolf Airsoft This is good news for us Because we are going to go there As we will be able to shoot how the new products shoots And therefore prepare a more visual report I have no other news yet As usual I propose to discuss news in the comments Put your confident thumbs up Subscribe to the channel Ring, call, call, ring, hollow.

..this is all about the bell See you soon!


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