Hey everyone, I’m Evgenivich You’re on Red Army Airsoft channel It’s the latest airsoft news release for the last week Because of the reasons beyond my control I had to completely fall out of business for a whole week So in this issue, I will talk about the events of two weeks at a time General sponsor “Babahi” – the airsoft pyrotechnics, “StrikeArt” – the game pyrotechnics “Planet of airsoft” I want to start with the fact that The cherished silver button finally reached us In honor of 100 000 subscribers on our Youtube channel Special thanks to Vitaly Samoilenko From the Air media agency For the efficient organization of the delivery As well as for the creative design of the package How it was I can’t understand The BB’s was sent Congratulations bro! Congratulations of 100 000 subscribers on the Red Army Airsoft channel! Creative success! Vitaly Samoilenko and the AIR team Certificate of honor Five years of work And of course the great thanks to you, our dear subscribers For being with us all this time This weekend in Finland The final games of the 5th season of the international tournament BattleArena were held World champions became the Russian national team Consisting of players of the Sechen team and ST Prizrak The second place was taken by the Belarusian team BARS The third place was taken by a team from Latvia Unfortunately, not all players were satisfied with the conduct and refereeing And they expressed their discontent with on Instagram For example, a team from Holland posted it on Instagram The team from the USA, having passed to the final, refused to participate further Details about the reasons and what kind of specifics is still unknown On the channel of Andrew Poet an interview with me came out Which we recorded immediately after 3 days of playing on the MG Morok In this interview, I’m sharing my impressions of the game By the way, those of you who want to look at the events of this game I can recommend the channel of my friend Alexander Aksenov There have already been several episodes And in some of them I am present Unfortunately, my material turned out to be defective Because of the sound and the fact that The most of the game the camera angle shot the sky Because of the headband slid up A full-fledged gameplay from this material won’t be But after IWA, I will still try to make a release with a review And the brightest moments that I managed to shoot The company Runcam has shown a new camera for shooting “like from sight” The camera is called Runcam 4 It can shoot in 4K It supports external charging from a standard 7.

4 and 11.1V battery And you can easily change lenses Included with the camera there is a mount on the RIS bar And a protective frame made of aluminum Silverback Airsoft showed new accessories For the well-known SRS-A1 spring sniper rifle This is a new lightweight handguard with M-LOK interface And an outer barrel with an outer spiral curl New accessories have already managed to get to some Asian shops For example, we learned about this news from a shop Bang Bang in Hong Kong Russian manufacturer of pyrotechnics “StrikeArt” Made a video with a demonstration of a whole heap of new products That will go on sale in 2019 They say it will be about 30 new products The video shows only a few You can watch the whole video by the link in the description But I will tell you the details that have become known for some products Eger is a new 40mm grenade Which may become a substitute for 50mm RGS-4 and RGS-6 Filler is peas They promise a more convenient and faster initiation system It will also be lighter and smaller in size M84 is a new grenade with a cardboard case and an active bracket Three types are planned With peas With balls with a standard 4 second delay And acoustic with a reduced 2 second delay M18 is smoke grenade with an active bracket With the same dense and long smoke emission as the SG90 Strelas with shock initiation There will be as old Strelas, in a long cardboard tube And Strelas-2m The initiation system is double If the Strela didn’t work due to a blow, soft ground or snow, for example Then in any case it will explode at a standard delay MSM40 are new 40mm mines The initiation system, as in MSM2.

0 From the spark plug Air range is 70-80m Light mortar Ogonek for MSM-40 The initiation system is a spark plug Weight is only 2,5 kg New 50mm Bulava mines With a range of up to 200m New launchers for shots VOG “Tulpan” They promise to made versions for AK and M series Material is durable and lightweight plastic There is a function to check the normal operation of the shot Airsoft & Milsim News Blog reported that DYTAC presented a new line of AK series rifles Based on a licensed external body kit from Sharps Bros and SLR The line is called Sharps Bros and SLR MB47 series The barrel extension is a licensed Sharps Bros MB47 Handguard is licensed SLR AK Solo Buttstock is Dytac DAG There is the gearbox 3 versions from DYTAC with quick-release spring inside Price list and manufacturing materials aren’t specified yet NPO AEG plans to show its products at the IWA 2019 exhibition Which will begin on March 8 From the new products, it is planned to show the AEG version of the AK-15 And the AEG version of the CP2M – Veresk Judging by the comments The representative of the NPO AEG with the new products Will be on the CyberGun company’s stand Tokyo Marui announced the release of a new gun From the collection line Resident Evil This time it’s GBB version of Desert Eagle – Lighting Hawk Magnaport Custom Of the features, there are 2 interchangeable slides with internal barrels of different lengths in the set Standard with a 6″ internal barrel And as in a game with a 10″ internal barrel Start of sales is scheduled for April 2019 In several Asian shops was spotted an airsoft version of the silencer RGW FD917 For Glock from the workshop Flintlock Workshop In fact, it is an extension of the barrel Thanks to which GBB Glock can increase the initial velocity of the BBs There isn’t the other details Gunfire published a video demonstrating the airsoft version of the SV-98 sniper rifle from Raptor Airsoft I remind you that it will be possible to look at the real rifle at the Gunfire stand on IWA 2019 We will definitely come and see Also, Raptor Airsoft, under its brand TWI Has already made the first batch of replicas of the handguards VS-24 and VS-25 for the AK series If they show them at the exhibition isn’t yet known It will also be interesting to see Whether the BullPup version of the M249 machine gun is shown on the Gunfire stand Judging by the announcements in Instagram this can be expected You probably noticed that quite a while ago there was no news and new products from E&L So we noticed and decided to find out what was the matter Judging by the E&L page of Vkontakte They are now engaged in the production of training models for paintball markers Such are the cases Milled lower receivers for SCAR H GBB from VFC were came to Airsoft Taiwan The colors are black and gold Material is aluminum mark 7075 A large batch of Pyramex glasses has arrived at the Moscow shop AirsoftStore.

ru Yes, these are exactly the glasses, which I occasionally wear About which you constantly ask me what kind of glasses and what model This model is called I-Force Slim In addition to the model that I wear there is a lot of other models The link to the catalog is in the description of the video So those who asked me please learn the assortment A new AK model from Arcturus will be arrived in the Polish shop TaiwanGun soon AT-AK06 This is the shortest AK from Arcturus Which is likely to be popular with CQB lovers Some time ago there was the myth that Proteus 3 supposedly consumes a lot of battery Even such a concept-meme “tank akum for P3” was born One of the new users of Proteus 3, decided in practice to check the battery consumption And it turned out that, apparently, tanks should have a very modest battery Judging by the datas presented, for 3 325 shots, only 208 mAh were spent That is, an ordinary AK-type battery with a capacity of 1 300 mAh Will be enough for more than 20 000 shots That is just 4 packages of BBs Strike Industries have released new stickers for the fire mode switch They did it as if it was specifically for Proteus 3 If anyone doesn’t know, in Proteus 3 you can flexibly adjust several fire modes By selecting the switching sectors yourself For example, a single shot Then a line of 3 BBs Then a line of 3 BBs and a tracer backlight And a full automatic Or any other modes Secutor Airsoft showed a new line of GBB guns Outwardly, they look like Beretta and are called CRW Airsoft showed GBB Colt M1911 A1 With licensed markings from CyberGun WE suddenly released instant rice TMC demonstrated an updated replica of AVS from Crye Precision This is all the news about which I know in the last 2 weeks But on Friday the largest IWA 2019 exhibition starts Where we will definitely see a loth of new products Already on Thursday, the channel will fly to Munich And then we will go to Nuremberg To tell you about new products firsthand And if we succeed we would shoot short reviews As you understand, we will not be a whole week So the news will also be released only in a week That’s all for now With you was Evgenivich Don’t forget about thumb up Discuss news in comments See you later


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