Hi everyone, I’m Evgenivich You’re on Red Army Airsoft channel And this is the first airsoft news release in 2020 There is a lot of news So pour tea And let’s study What happened during the New Year holidays General sponsor Planet of airsoft StrikeArt Game pyrotechnics Babahi Airsoft pyrotechnics Airsoft Sports I want to start the release with hot news By Russian manufacturers of pyrotechnics Just a couple of days ago A representative of the company StrikeArt came to visit us And showed live 2 hot new products A few sudden new products by StrikeArt These are new shos “Chekist” This shot with peas costs 110 RUB Retail The shot with BBs costs 120 RUB And the shot with smoke agent costs 160 RUB Starting device is type “sleeve” For the standard 40 mm grenade launchers Costs 1400 RUB Also for shooting with these shots Malysh 2.

0 can be used With the special barrel Replacement barrels It all works as follows Charge the barrel to the end Aiming Ang shooting Firing range is about 70 m The shot with BBs flights a little bit farther With smoke agent flights up to 100 m May be 90 m There is also information that The replacement barrel for Malysh 2.

0 for firing shots Chekist Will cost 1400 RUB It can be bought separately And install by yourself Unless of course you already have Malysh 2.0 The second new product is the shot Tolkach The feature of this shot is that It can shoot from any 40mm grenade launcher Without remakings And no adapters are needed Simply, install the shot At the grenade launcher And shoot The price tag is 200 RUB Range like VOG Tulpan 60 m For shooting with Tolkach No adapters or remakings are needed for grenade launcher Install the shot Aiming Shoot At this time, TAGinn seemed to break into the mortar theme And suddenly made such an announcement I’ll get you from 70 to 300 Details at Strikecon 2020 It is obvious that in the photo there is a mortar shot And, judging by the description, The declared range is from 70 to 300 meters To my questions The manufacturer revealed only the following facts Yes, it will really be a mortar And shots to it Moreover, it will be an accurate replica of a real existing mortar With working sights of 25 meters multiplicity Given that 2019 was the year of TAG-35 and the our side It is logical to assume that Then in 2020 they will most likely please the “other side” The mortar will have 2 firing modes “LO” and “HI” In the first mode, the firing range is 70-150 m In the second mode, 150-300 m Very pleased with the wording “firing range” And for the first time in this project The wishes will be taken into account of the adepts of the sect of the “gas valve” and the “pyromaniac” Here I don’t know how to comment Write your assumptions in the comments All other details Both StrikeArt and TAGinn Are promised to present at the Strikecon 2020 exhibition Looking at this arms race We can say with confidence that The best pyrotechnics for airsoft will be in Russia for a long time to come Speaking of the best You are great fellows And thanks to your activity A lot of participants from Russia Have passed the final stage of the international voting of Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards And if you also show activity in the final voting There is every chance to win We will analyze in more detail Which of the Russian participants have passed to the finals And in which categories In the top 5 in the nomination “The best airsoft store in Europe” Airsoft-Rus has passed It must be said that The blue store has already been included in this nomination for the second time The last time in the final Gunfire won In general, my opinion is that It would be time to introduce another nomination Because Russia in fact Doesn’t fall under the clear definition of Only Europe Or only Asia In nomination “The best seller of equipment in Europe” Two Russian participants have passed into it at once Airsoft-Rus and Wartech Our project Red Army Airsoft has passed into In the top 5 at once in 2 categories “Best non-English news resource about airsoft” And “Best YouTube channel about airsoft” For this, I personally am very grateful to you Because this year we tried To release content specifically for the airsoft audience Focusing on news And detailed reviews of new products Sacrificing the temptation To collect more views With purely entertaining content I hope you will also support me in the final And vote for Red Army Airsoft In addition to us To the top 5 in the nomination “Best YouTube channel about airsoft” Marty’s channel has passed Who this year shot a lot of gameplays In the nomination “The best airsoft video” In the top 5 is Our review on TAG-35 by TAGinn This is one of our most difficult reviews And for visual shooting We had to use real military equipment Competitors in this nomination Are also not very simple Among them there are even Tokyo Marui and Red Wolf Airsoft Quite a significant event For the first time in the nomination “Best Airsoft Community” The Russian community has passed Moscow club Privatka Club is in the 5th best And whoever says anything They really deserve to be the best They do a lot to develop the organization of games Setting a higher bar for the whole of Russia In the nomination “Best airsoft game (of 500 players)” The Russian game Front Line 2019 has passed I remind you that For 7 years in a row The title of the best game in the world Is taken by the Czech game Border Wars It seems to me that foreign colleagues simply don’t know What games are in Russia And which communty we have In the top 5 in the nomination “Best tuning manufacturer” The Russian manufacturer Combat Union unexpectedly has passed into Famous for its excellent hop-up chambers for the AK series In the 5th best in the nomination “The best manufacturer of airsoft pyrotechnics” 2 manufacturers from Russia have passed right away StrikeArt and TAGinn It is interesting that These 2 manufacturers in fact almost don’t compete with each other And are aimed at different segments TAGinn is always innovative and high-tech products That are sold worldwide This year’s product is the TAG-35 grenade launcher Capable to hit by knockout shot the BMP turret At a distance of 150 meters StrikeArt is a popular and mass segment The product of the year Is of course the massive budget grenade Eger Who will win is up to you In the 5th best in the nomination “The best in the world HPA system” The Proteus 3 HPA system has been running for the 2nd year in a row Last year, Proteus was defeated by more mass USA system Reaper by Wolverine But this year The number of Proteus users has grown markedly And now there is every chance to win And the most controversial nomination “Special Airsoft Player Award” 2 participants from Russia immediately have passed into this nomination This is Marty And Roman Hors from 715 Team Literally, this nomination probably translates as “A special player in airsoft” And it usually includes players Who shoot gameplays Marty won it for 2 years in a row Which isn’t surprising Because he shoots a large number of gameplays This year, Hors’s audience decided to prank Marty And made a nomination from the people To be honest, of course Hors is only indirectly related to airsoft But airsoft players also watch him And voting is voting Who ultimately wins is up to you Which rifles and pistols were in the top 5 this year You can see for yourself I left a link to the vote in the description Raptor Airsoft reported that The GBB version of the MP-443 Grach airsoft gun Is ready for release What is already known? This is the GBB version That is, the shutter runs and there is an imitation of recoil In the standard version, the shutter is metal In the version for the Japanese market – a plastic shutter The outer barrel is made of aluminum On a CNC machine Hop-up rubber is standard VSR type Inner barrel – 105 mm The standard version will work both from green gas and from CO2 A green gas magazine for 25 BBs will be supplied with the gun Later, CO2 magazines will be available According to Raptor The pistols will be placed in plastic holsters by Stich Profi For Grach combat pistols Let me remind you that Representatives of the Airsoft-RUS store said earlier that This pistol will cost about 12000 RUB By the way, a large supply of flashlights and ANPEQ blocks from Element arrived at Airsoft-Rus Pistol flashlights have appeared in stock Helmet-mounted flashlights and various tactical flashlights for airsoft guns The assortment is really big There are versions of flashlights with various external mounts A laser designator and IR illumination Tactical ANPEQ Units are available in the form of boxes for placing batteries And fully functional models of very decent quality Link to the entire catalog is in the description Sad news from Tokyo Marui Unfortunately, in the first batch of new V10 pistols Not rare cases of reject were found The first owners say that In some pistols quickly crack the shutter Fortunately, Tokyo Marui understands what the service is And have already began a campaign to revoke And free replace of reject Ars Arma began sales of covers on helmet Core XT Multicam Materials – power grid Original cordura with IR remission And American loop fabric Fastenings for pouches or weighting materials are made of a looped fabric On the sides, top and back of the head There are camouflage Velcro panels For attaching insignia and additional equipment The case is compatible with the originals and replicas of the ballistic helmets Ops-Core FAST High Cut Ops-Core Fast Maritime And their analogues Available sizes – L and XL The version in Multicam colors is currently available But in February there will be a version in the original colors A-TACS FG Workshop LAB-52 made an airsoft version of the RPG-28 “Klyukva” For firing shots “Igla” by StrikeArt From the usual RPG-26 The new grenade launcher differs in the number of barrels There are 4 of them Which means that you can carry 4 charged “Igla” at once Several detailed photos of the new AK-12 AEG by Arcturus have been appeared on the network You can look how a quick spring change is implemented And a fire mode switch Judging by the photo The fire mode switch provides the possibility of firing with two rounds per trigger pull mode As far as we heard It was planned to use Perun electronics to implement this function Modify demonstrated the work of the GBB version of the PP2000 Unfortunately, only a single fire was demonstrated But, on the other hand, the shutter is clearly visible It looks entourage A vivid example of the fact that If a Chinese factory made a product for one company Then it isn’t at all against releasing this product for another customer Apparently Specna Arms contacted the same factory From which ASR ordered the production of its version of the SV-98 And now these same rifles For the European market are produced under the Specna Arms brand The case is still plastic There is the same L96 by CYMA inside Of the noticeable changes, it can be noted that Specna Arms decided not to stop at the classic green colors And ordered versions in black, olive and sand colors In 2020, GHK plans to start sales of The new GBB carbines AKMS-U And Stayer AUG A2 AKMS-U were started selling on January 13 AUG will be start selling in March The first users of King Arms SBR Praised the new buttstock on this rifle So King Arms are going to sell it separately As a standalone product Whether or not this product appears in Russian stores Suddenly depends only on stores Speaking of shops In anticipation of the season The Airsoft Store has already delivered a large batch of BBs by BLS There are white BBs weighing 0.

28, 0.30 and 0.36 grams Heavy green tracer BBs Weighing 0.28, 0.30 and even 0.32 grams And heavy BBs for snipers Weighing from 0.43 to 0.50 grams Link to the entire catalog is in the description Laylax has released an updated firing mechanism Or popular VSR-10 spring sniper rifle by Tokyo Marui The new firing mechanism is called – ZERO Trigger Compared with the standard firing mechanism The detent slide is promised much more sensitive The VFC showed the details of the new GBBR M110 SASS rifle In sand colors The new product has all the licenses of the Knight’s Armament Company And will be sold in Asia and Europe this month The price tag isn’t yet called EDGI Airsoft is working on a lightweight receiver for new spring sniper rifle HTI By Silverback Airsoft I have no other news for you today As usual I propose to discuss news in the comments There are a lot of them Put your confident thumbs up Subscribe to the channel Press the bell See you soon!


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