Hey everyone, I’m Evgenivich You’re on Red Army Airsoft channel It’s the latest airsoft news release for the last two weeks I remind you that because of the begin of the season, manufacturers’ activity was fallen down So releases will be once a two weeks until autumn So that I would have something to tell you And I would have time to visit some games General sponsor “Babahi” – the airsoft pyrotechnics, “StrikeArt” – the game pyrotechnics “Planet of airsoft” This two weeks might be called “the weeks of news from StrikeArt” As you know StrikeArt didn’t show any new products on Strikecon And prepared everything for April And just get spammed all the information space with Some videos with a demonstration of some new products Let’s understand what all the same new products have been released The main hit can be called New certificated airsoft grenade “Eger”, the price is 70 rpc Briefly – whole pea filler initiator and pyroelement as in RGS-4 with 99% actuation The size is as VOG Tulpan, it can be placed in VOG pouches and bandoliers Convenient format of the initiator cap, through which you can almost instantly initiate a grenade in any gloves People have already called it a killer of homemade product and non-certified pyrotechnic The second new product can be called a compact sabotage mortar “Ogonek” And the new 40 mm shots MSM40 for this mortar The initiation of airsoft mines comes from the candle inside the mortar barrel That is, you just throw a mine in the barrel The candle initiates a mine and it flies straight to the enemy This method of initiation eliminates the possibility of direct fire Weight with the battery is only 2,5 kg Shot range up to 80 meters Price single shot fell to 100 rubles apiece The following innovations were new launchers for VOG Tulpan Hand grenade launcher “Malysh” Under-barrel grenade launcher “M-Style” New grenade launchers shoot all shots VOG Tulpan from StrikeArt Inside is installed LiPo battery that charges from USB There is a functional that allows you to check the VOG for a actuation before the shot The price is 3 500 rubles apiece Look, lit up, then shot worker So, we aim and shoot If there are no issues to work Then to the appearance they are And precisely because of the appearance, the people met the new products sharply negative The fact is that the manufacturing method of the device is casting in a form printed on a 3D printer The first batch of new devices in terms of appearance looks rough Let’s see what will happen next By the way, all these new products can be purchased at the shop of airsoft pyrotechnics “Babahi” For example, the first batch of the Eger began today For other new products, you can pre-order Besides all this, insider photos of new modules for VOG-Tulpan launchers surfaced Which were made of steel There aren’t details about the material and method of production But the modules have a self-diagnostic functionality for work Have a built-in battery and charge from USB The workshop “Center Mechanics” continues to work on the airsoft version Of the automatic windfall cash launcher I.

e. the grenade launcher AGS-17 Which shoots airsoft shots VOL Tulpan Right now we are working on a “snail” and feed system The construction is made of steel As far as we understand, automatics will work there Production time and price aren’t specified yet TWI, if anyone knows this is Raptor brand Finished work on a working prototype of the PT2 buttstock replica from Zenit for PKPPKM In winter, they threatened to release a replica faster than the original from Zenith go on sale But as we see a little late The original began to be sold a couple of months ago Also, in May TWI promise to began sales of plastic imitations of 7.

62×54 cartridges Packages of 15 and 100 cartridges are planned Price is not called Japanese shop Impulse101 shared information On release dates and price for some new products from Tokyo Marui Gun Biohazard Lightning Hawk – expected to be available in April 2019 At the price of 49 000 yen Which is about 28 000 rubles for our money Guns FNX45 and V10 Ultra Compact will go on sale in the summer of 2019 Price is not called The long-awaited machine gun Mk46 Mod.

0 is likely to appear only in the autumn of 2019 Price is not called Russian equipment manufacturer Mordor Tac bring for sale the unexpected hit of the season 2019 Gop Tac costume Despite the absurdity of the product The first batch of costumes was bought up in the first hours after the start of sales At the moment the costume is available in the colors Multicam, Russian number and SS summer In the catalog of the wholesale shop “Iwholesales” Appeared the spring version of the rifle M1903A3 from S&T The gunstock is made of real wood Metal receiver, barrel and bolt Airsoft version has original weight Good similarity Hop-up is adjustable Magazine contains 12 BBs, price on request WE released the GBB version of the ultra-compact ST25 gun in Pink Publishing this news in our group Vkontakte I for some reason thought that The new product should interest the feisty girlfriends But as it turned out more interest this gun caused the male players ARES made their version of the M320 universal grenade launcher for 40mm airsoft shots M320 can be used both as a hand-held grenade launcher And as a under-barrel grenade launcher for the rifle The price and the start of sales are not specified yet This is all known news at the moment I hope some of them were able to cheer you up If it is, I propose to discuss them in the comments Put a thumbs up, subscribe to the channel With you was Evgenivich, see you soon!


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