Hi everyone, I’m Evgenivich You’re on the Red Army Airsoft channel And this is the latest news release from the world of airsoft In the comments to every video You say that I blink a lot This is due to the fact that A bright studio light dries my eyes But it seems I found a way to fix it So Many events happened last week So I have a lot of news again Sit comfortably Make some tea Let’s go General sponsor Planet of airsoft StrikeArt Game pyrotechnics Babahi Airsoft pyrotechnics Airsoft Sports The main new product of last week can safely be called A mortar by TAGinn Which can accurately aim overhanging At a distance of up to 300 meters A working prototype of this mortar Was shown at the Strikecon 2020 exhibition And as many have already noticed This is a slightly smaller replica of The American M224A1 mortar The working name is Dominus Vladyka in Latin The mortar fires with 45mm airsoft mines Of foamed polymer With plastic stabilizer feathers The weight of the mine isn’t much more than a standard TAG shot It is planned 2 types of shots First – tactile Which explode from a hit + 0.

3 sec It was made for the occasion When you hit Over 300 m or 250 m The enemy occasionally Or your teammate, if you shoot bad Mine bounce A distance of about a meter Then initiate And did no real harm to the players Also it is need for When you fall Mine bounce up And at a height of about a meter and a half Explode And didn’t throw shards from under the mask or glasses from below Second – smoke So far Not a single machine in airsoft throws a mine Over 300 m And don’t put smoke there For the Russian market A mortar version With shots on a knockout charge will be produced For export Will be produced HPA version Mortar can be used with and without a carriage Without a carriage, 2 people are enough for shooting Gunner and loader If you attach the mortar to the carriage Then you can shoot accurately at extreme distances Without having visual contact with the target But for shooting it will need 3 people Plus the spotter on the front flank The promised price tag Of about 40 000 RUB for the mortar itself And about 40 000 RUB for the carriage The price of a shot is Like a grenade with an active bracket According to TAGinn The new mortar will change the game on big games And open new vacancies in airsoft Obviously, this product isn’t for singles But for the whole team And for its effective use Will have to learn new knowledge This means that Before using this product You must learn how to use it This is new knowledges You must understand What is azimuth? What is the elevation angle? How to calculate through a gunner The sector you need to get into Included is a field book Instruction on which You will learn it Accordingly, the adjustment circle Later we plan to do Application for phones StrikeArt also keep up with the new products Let their new products not be so technological like TAGinn ones But they are more popular And aimed at the budget segment First underbarrel shot is Tolkach To launch it are needed no adapters No shotshells No modules The shot fits to any grenade launchers Which has a hook without an edge Install the shot Shoot Throw away the shotshell Retail price will be about 200 RUB As planned At Strikecon details were revealed About the new shots Chekist The announcement of which was in the last news release Let me remind you These are new shots on a knockout charge That fly 80 m And cost starting from 110 RUB apiece The system is simple You charge the firing mechanism Before installing the shot Install the shot And press the trigger There is the mechanical firing mechanism Which initiates The knockout And the grenade flies out The grenade will be with 3 fillers Peas, BBs and smoke Price for peas – 110 RUB BBs – 120 RUB Smoke – 120 RUB The good news was that The shot Chekist is with double initiation That is, for their launch You can use both original mechanical launchers With a firing mechanism by StrikeArt And electric ignition shotshells For example shotshells from Basmach True, when using Basmach shotshells You will have to wind 3 layers of adhesive tape onto the shot The diameter of the Basmach shots is slightly smaller Than that of the Chekist Kortes mechanical shotshells by StrikeArt will cost 1 500 RUB Malysh 2.

0 Kortes For shooting with Chekist shots 4 000 RUB In addition StrikeArt released their version Of the airsoft grenade with an active bracket M-67 It will be produced with peas or BBs As well as in the equivalent of the 4th and 6th Korsar Retail price isn’t more than 200 RUB Players have long asked StrikeArt To make their own version of the Penal hand grenade launcher And StrikeArt finally made it We launched a version of the grenade launcher Penal You simply take it in your hand Pull the initiating thread Grenade flies out, explodes at 60 m Players have long been asking us We made A smoke mortar shot 40 mm The weight is about 150-180 gr Smokes long enough and flies far And finally, a new product that wasn’t shown at the exhibition But which already managed to fall into my hands This is an updated Eger grenade With a metal ring Instead of a cardboard one And with a significantly reduced force when ignited That is, now the ring doesn’t get wet And the grenade is initiated without risk of burning gloves with sparks The developer of the Proteus HPA system HPA Systems Announced composite cylinders of their own production With a capacity of 0.

24 l Which are ideally suited to their new PB-U buttstock And which can be refueled at 4500 PSI The weight of the flask is only 310 gr The estimated service life is 15 years You can use it from -40°C to +50°C Warranty from the manufacturer is 2 years The planned price tag for a flask without a regulator is 7 000 RUB I planned to look at the new cylinders at Strikecon But they were on production But I watched live at the new PB-U buttstock Well, what about a buttstock In fact, this product is 2 in 1 Without guides and plastic This is a low-profile base for a low pressure regulator Which is convenient to use with an external cylinder If you put plastic, guides and screw the cylinder Then you get a convenient buttstock Which in size is about the same as Crane Stock Depending on the cylinder used You can get a buttstock of different lengths and widths In addition, it has become a little lower And now for convenient aiming You don’t need to raise the sight higher PB-U is compatible with SFR regulators CLR regulators And the new Gran regulator Which is about to enter the series The regulator is mounted directly without hoses Of the bonuses, it is possible to note The possibility of using the switch to relieve pressure Before unscrewing the cylinder And the thread in the base for swivel More of the new products HPA Systems showed The updated version of the HPA Proteus 3 – version 2020 The changes affected only the convenience of assembly And maintenance For example, a knurl has appeared on the back and front cover Electronics is now attached to the connector If you need to replace the board for some reason You won’t have to solder anything If you think that The new products from Strikecon have ended on this Then no There is another hot new product by Ars Arma This is a new gater That you can use as a mask As a scarf As a hat, as a comforter Bandage and etc Well, you know what gaters are for The feature of new product is A unique Unmatched design And sophisticated cut But seriously This simple thing was created At the request of the FSB For work in the city And is made of fabric That removes moisture very quickly Dries quickly And is most comfortable to wear The fabric is treated with antibacterial impregnation With silver Flat seams eliminate rubbing The price tag is only 500 RUB apiece I almost forgot one moment Both before Strikecon and at Strikecon People talked about That many of you are interested in tuning Which hop-up to choose Which barrel to choose Or how this or that HPA system behaves And complained that On our channel Such content doesn’t appear so often How you would like it We will try to make such content oftener Whenever possible But there are such channels on Russian YouTube Who have this kind of content So There’s such a person Nikita Romanov And he constantly experiments Collects different systems And shoots about this video Putting it all on his YouTube channel And as often happens His channel is greatly underestimated Many simply don’t know that it is And there is a large amount of useful information about tuning If you are interested in this topic Check out a couple of videos from his channel And if they will be liked by you You know what to do While the Strikecon was taking place in Moscow The Russian final of the Battle Arena tournament took place in Yekaterinburg The TIGER team became the champions of Russia The Brothers team took the second place The BlackOut team took the third place I personally know guys from the TIGER team And I can say that They have been going to victory for more than one year They trained a lot Participated in the tournament for several years And finally reached their goal The next stage is The World Cup Which will be held in the United States in April this year The TIGER team As you understand Will represent Russia In the United States last week The big Shoot Show 2020 was held And several new products were also appeared there Looking at this photo You might think that Someone other than TAGinn Is able to turn around the idea of ​​airsoft pyrotechnics And make a working prototype of the airsoft grenade launcher MK-19 with tape feed shots Unfortunately, this is just a suitable clickbait by Lancer Tactical The purpose of which was to draw attention To the booth In fact, this isn’t even a grenade launcher But the HPA submachine gun with 2 barrels In the MK-19 body It costs 7 500 USD Such are the things Wolverine Airsoft made a version of its mechanical HPA system BOLT For SRS A1 by Silverback Airsoft The question of change-over the fully tuning-fit SRS spring rifle to the HPA Is certainly controversial But there is a product for this, if necessary G&G made an airsoft version of the Howa Type 64 assault rifle With a remote control Yes, you heard right This is a rifle with a remote control Personally, I immediately thought that It is now possible to shoot from the remote control But no Remote control is needed only for convenient adjustment of fire modes Detent responsivity And it seems even rate of fire The price tag of new product And when the start of sales Have not yet been called G&G also made their version of the compact tracer nozzle It is called UVT-106 Most likely the characteristics are similar to Lighter S by Acetech Control is a little different Airsoft Store was the first and so far the only store To get the status of an official agent and dealer of SHS’s products In the Russian Federation The agreement was signed in Hong Kong in December 2019 For a period of 1 year On this occasion The Airsoft Store has a special promotional offer for two weeks -10% for all SHS’s parts Using the coupon code SHS-10 In the year SHS firstly entered the top five parts manufacturers In the international voting Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards I remind you that The final stage of voting will end on February 3 And you can still manage to cast your vote For one or another nominee Traditionally, among all those who voted The organizers will draw of valuable prizes by sponsors Including the MK46 MOD0 machine gun By Tokyo Marui The rifle by Specna Arms And the equipment by Helikon The ceremony of awarding will take place on March 8, 2020 At the IWA 2020 in Nuremberg We will traditionally fly there And try to start a live broadcast If you won’t be at IWA If you are considering How to disappear from the city on March 8 under a plausible excuse Then the organizational group Strateg has a great option From March 6 to March 8, 2020 They will organize an airsoft adventure On the territory of the Russian University of Special Forces Near Gudermes of the Chechen Republic If anyone doesn’t know Then the Russian University of Special Forces is A huge training complex with shooting galleries A tactical city, forest and hilly locations A campsite with modern army tents A hotel and etc.

All this was built for the education and training of Special Forces For the project participants The organizational group Strateg plans to organize airsoft maneuvers In all locations According to several scenarios For example A night raid An attack on a column of armored vehicles Urban combat Actions of small groups in various areas Etc.

Moving between locations Will occur on the latest armored vehicles Other details of the project are in the description You are probably interested in How the Strikecon went? To be honest It is very difficult for me to objectively answer this question For the second year in a row Strikecon has been people and communication for me To make you understand I was able to look only at those new products That I knew about in advance And that purposefully went to watch The rest of the time I communed Realizing that something like this will happen I asked Damirych from the Shaih Airsoft channel To take a walk around the exhibition And shoot the material for you Let’s watch together What did we get You didn’t come here for this? He is real) Guys, I won’t wash my hand for a week) Strikecon 2020 Thank you for watching I want to add on my own behalf that I am very grateful to everyone Who came up to shake hands at Strikecon Take pictures Or just talked Live feedback is always very motivating to move on And continue to make content for you This is the way As usual I suggest to discuss video in the comments Put your confident thumbs up Subscribe to the channel Press the bell See you soon!


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