Hi everyone, I’m Evgenivich You’re on Red Army Airsoft channel And this is the latest news release from the world of airsoft for the last week General sponsor Planet of airsoft StrikeArt Game pyrotechnics Babahi Airsoft pyrotechnics I want to begin the release with the couple of insights by AirsoftStore The fact is that they received 2 new products from StrikeArt to the warehouse About which even we didn’t hear Firstly this are updated 40 mm shots for mortar Ogonek Besides standard shots with peas, the smoke shots were created New products were updated not only in appearance But in pyroelement too The new pyroelement clogs the barrel much less soot The first tests showed that even after 200 shots without cleaning Shots are placed in the barrel and the mortar continues to shoot The second new product is the new mobile airsoft mortar with 50 mm barrel and spark plug Which is called Plamya In fact it fully copies the mortar Ogonek But it shots with 50 mm shots MSM50 As a result it became a compact mortar Which can shot to the distance near 150 m The mortar is available in two versions With the electronic circuit which protect the battery And without it The version with electronic circuit will be cost 9000 RUB Without it – 6500 RUB The new products will appear at AirsoftStore site very soon And they can be bought In addition, StrikeArt continues to work On new versions of underbarrel grenade launchers For shots VOG Tulpan The photo and video shows prototypes printed on a 3D printer They are being tested now Two versions are planned M-style and AK-style According to the manufacturer’s comments New product, as Malysh 2.

0, will be made of durable plastic, casting method The barrel will be aluminium The promised prise is about 4000 RUB The Russian equipment manufacturer StichProfi kick-starts production of tactical gloves The first new product is fleece gloves, for the cold weather In which you can use the sensor of the smartphone External coating – fleece There is the insulation Thinsulate inside On the palms there is a tenacious rubber coating Which allows you to confidently hold your smartphone The new product will be useful to everyone who plays in cold weather And uses navigators, or apps like SitRep or GeoTactica On the smartphones with sensor screen The gloves are available in colors: A-TACS, Multicam and Black Humane price tag 990 RUB for a piece (for the pair of course!) ICS showed new photos of rifles from the CXP-ARK line And also shared with some details Rifles will be fully compatible with the magazines by LCT And will be produced with two variants of electronics With usual MOSFET And with the electronics SSS E-Trigger With electronic detent and programmable fire mode The body kit is unique But it recognizes the images of well-known manufacturers of body kits for AK By the way, do you remember, some time ago I made a review on the silent PM-2 pistol by ICS? Which is positioned as a competitor for MK23 SOKOM by Tokyo Marui These pistols, as well as magazines and silencers, were appeared in sale in AirsoftRUS A short version of the silencer is supplied with the gun Long silencer, if needed, can be purchased separately It, too, is in stock Besides this, there are new carbines MK18 mod 1 and M4A1 Sopmod block 2 by EMG Arms New products are notable for licensed markings “Colt” – on the body, “Daniel Defence” – on the handguard Each rifle has its own unique serial number Reinforced gearbox walls are also installed on these rifles as standard With quick spring change Traction motor, electronic key And, oh yes, the Tee connector is installed right away Inside details were made by King Arms I’m already working on a full review And soon it will appear on the channel AirsoftRUS LCT showed live photos of AEG version of machine gun RPK-16 And its plastic details Remind that the sales beginning is planned on the 1st quarter 2020 And a live new product can be seen at the exhibition of the MOA Which will begin in a couple of days In addition, LST showed a video from the manufacturing process of plastic for speedloaders It looks like this The release of the compact GBB pistol V10 Ultra Compact by Tokyo Marui Will be held December 23, 2019 In my opinion, a very suitable version of the weapon for covert carrying on role-playing games Laylax under brand First Factory made an adapter for KRYTAC Kriss Vector AEG Which allows to use this subgun with speedloaders for MP5 For 400 BBs By Tokyo Marui The minus – you should buy this adapter for each speedloader Interesting photos appeared on the network Which means that GBLS plans to create DAS version of HK416 And the first prototypes will begin to be sold in 2020 I remind you that DAS can be called a mixture of PTW and GBBR Electronics and gearset is similar to PTW But during shooting, the shutter slides like a gas rifle Poseidon announced the hop-up tuning kit For the popular sniper pistol MK23 Socom by Tokyo Marui The kit includes 133 mm barrel Hop-up rubber has hardness 50 degrees Shore A And aluminium imitation of gun breech Which allows you to adjust the hop-up without disassembling the pistol According to manufacturer All components are designed To get the maximum range at an energy of 1 J The new product will be shown at MOA 2019 Besides this Poseidon plans to show new inner barrels Of premium quality for GBB and AEG And also hop-up rubbers AEG type Which as planned by the manufacturer Allow you to significantly increase the range of the BBs on rifles with low muzzle energy Carinthia begins to sell the limited addition of production in Multicam Black colour The line consists of jackets TLG jacket and ISG 2.

0 jacket And also a sleeping bag TSS SLEEPING BAG SYSTEM Arcturus officially stated that They will show new AK-12 AEG at MOA 2019 And finally, I want to remind you Not to be lazy to propose Russian participants in international voting APCA Right now the first stage of the nomination And foreign colleagues, judging by their activity in social networks, are very serious So your support is really needed The link I left in the description I don’t have the other news for you As usual I propose to discuss news in the comments Put your confident thumbs up Subscribe to the channel See you soon!


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