General sponsor “Babahi” – the airsoft pyrotechnics, “StrikeArt” – the game pyrotechnics “Planet of airsoft” Hey everyone, I’m Evgenivich You’re on Red Army Airsoft channel And this is the latest news release from the world of airsoft over the past week I want to start the issue with the words of gratitude Thanks to your support The Red Army Airsoft project was recognized As the best non-English-language airsoft news resource in the world That is, we are the best news resource about airsoft On March 7, I will fly to Nuremberg to take our plate I will try to arrange a live broadcast of the ceremony So you would take a part in it Separately, I want to congratulate TAG innovation This year they are recognized as the best manufacturer in the world of pyrotechnics for airsoft Consider the amount of innovation that they brought to our hobby The victory is deserved And this is the first time that a manufacturer from Russia won in such a nomination I also want to congratulate Sasha Levchenko, alias Marty This year he was recognized as the player of the year Traditionally, in this nomination, players who regularly make gameplays compete for victory Marty worked a lot and you deservedly supported him There are also bad news this week Representatives of the shop “Uragan Sport” confirmed That the shop completely has ceased operations I couldn’t find information about the reasons This week Nikolay Petrov, known to many as the inventor of D3 SilHop Has published a detailed and interesting article about BBs, hop-ups Presses and parameters that affect the range and accuracy in airsoft If you are interested in tuning – this material is simply required to read Finally, someone could formulate all the knowledge on this topic in an accessible form The link is in the description The title of the main information terrorist this week is deservedly received by the company LCT All week they posted pictures with a demonstration of their new AK-12 AEG And in each publication they suggested to guess what kind of new product it would be It looked very silly and funny Already in the first post it was clear and obvious About the buttstock, the muzzle brake, the barrel extension and the cover of the barrel extension That this is AK-12 And users have repeatedly written about this in the comments But LCT, ignoring the answers, did again and again new publications and asked the same thing We will be able to look at the new product in March at the IWA 2019 exhibition The Polish shop Gunfire reported that at the IWA 2019 exhibition at their stand It would be possible to see the airsoft version of the SV-98 rifle from Raptor Airsoft live Raptor Airsoft themselves continue to work on the details of this rifle For example now they are developing the right back sight Will it be immediately installed on a rifle Or will it need to be bought separately, it is as yet unknown But this is too early to talk Because of it still exists only in the form of a 3D model I don’t know about you, but we just now found out that TWI Known for Zenith body kit replicas Is the Raptor Airsoft brand This week, TWI talked about a couple of interesting new products Firstly, TWI promised that after the Chinese New Year They would show a ready-made replica of the Zenit PT-3 buttstock As far as I know this year the Chinese New Year is until February 20th So that isn’t a long time left Also TWI showed a replica of the handguards VS-25 and VS-24 It is surprising how closely TWI is monitoring body kit trends for Russian weapons Indeed, in the original this handguard is produced By a rather young Russian company “Polite Shooter” For all who wanted to buy a light machine gun LMG from G&G There are a good news Finally, a new batch is ready And very soon it will go to shops around the world If someone doesn’t know the first batch of these machine guns so quickly sold out That for a long time they weren’t available in stock anywhere Also G&G showed a photo of a new gun GPM1911 CP Which will begin to be sold in 2019 And details of the new A.

D.A.M magazine If someone missed This magazine will have the option to turn on the “automatic dropping” mode When the BBs in the magazine end I don’t understand the reason for this function You may guess in the comments King Arms started a line of SBR PDW AEG rifles With M4 type magazines On the one hand seems to me The rifle lost in originality and configuration On the other hand, it become more universal Because of the magazines of the M4 series are very popular all over the world Also King Arms showed a line of Colt 1911-A1 CAL.

45 guns Truthfully, I didn’t really understand Is this a new product Or they are again trying to draw attention to the old product Tuning-workshop Hephaestus Airsoft showed New steel trigger for GBBR AK series from GHK Hephaestus Airsoft is also working on the GBBR version of the PP-19 Vityaz So far only magazines have shown No other details yet Airsoft Surgeon especially for the exhibition IWA 2019 Made a modern remake of the M712 gun It looks expensive and futuristic From the findings on Aliexpress I can only note such a pair of bear cubs in camouflage Such toys have recently become very popular in Asia If you are thinking of giving something nice on March 8 to a lady Who goes crazy with all sorts of tactical things It is a variant The link is in the description I don’t have more news As always, don’t forget to discuss the news in the comments Mark the video with a confident finger up Subscribe to the channel, bye!


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