Hi everyone, I’m Evgenivich You’re on the Red Army Airsoft channel And this is the latest news release From the world of airsoft lately General sponsor Planet of airsoft StrikeArt Game pyrotechnics Babahi Airsoft pyrotechnics Airsoft Sports To be honest We thought that as usual in early March There will be a whole bunch of new products And news from the world of airsoft As it turned out The insidious coronavirus had completely different plans As many of you already know The international exhibition IWA 2020 Which presents the main airsoft news every year Due to the coronavirus pandemic around the world Was pushed off from March to September 2020 Moreover The coronavirus has caused the cancellation or rescheduling Of all major games in Europe For example, Berget and Border Wars Have already pushed off The cancellation and rescheduling of mass events Also affected the central region of Russia For example, Udar have already been canceled in Nizhny Novgorod And other big games in the Moscow and Leningrad regions Most manufacturers of airsoft equipment Are located in Asia And as you know Their work has been paralyzed for a long time By the consequences of the epidemic As a result In the world of airsoft news and new products Everything is very scarce About the cancellation of the IWA 2020 We learned after we bought all the tickets Got visas Paid for housing Rented a car And since the plane we still had through the Czech Republic We decided not to cancel the trip And stay in the Czech Republic for 6 days Don’t worry We managed to return to Russia Before all this hype began in Europe And the Czech Republic closed its borders on time What interesting things we could see during this time I’ll tell you closer to the end of the issue But for now we’ll return directly to the airsoft news That I have WE Airsoft has announced a new line of GBB pistols Springfield Armory Guns licensed by Cybergun In addition to the airsoft versions Pneumatic 4.

5 mm versions will also be released For shooting with steel BBs Maybe of course I missed something But before that WE didn’t seem to be engaged in 4.5 mm pneumatics Some Asian and European stores Have started a pre-order for the airsoft AEG version of Barrett REC7 by Krytac New product is fully licensed by Barrett Firearms Depending on the model The price tag varies from 400 to 430 EUR There are models in different colors And with different handguard and barrel lengths If someone don’t know In the world of firearms REC7 is an automatic machine gun of the American company Barrett Firearms Which was built on the basis of the M16 G&G released a box for their light machine gun LMG In the colors of Multicam Black It doesn’t differ from the standard version except for coloring Also G&G made green gas 50R high-cap magazine For their GTP9 and SMC-9 pistols Pistol game lovers will like it A new supply of products by Ars Arma has arrived at the Airsoft Store There is a large assortment of clothes and equipment That you can buy here and now Among the new products are the “A-18 Skanda” body armor The Ronin SGB combat belt The neck protection set The set of MOLLE adapters for the STKSS weight distribution system The STKSS stops For the SPS and A-18 Skanda body armor All new products are available in 6 colors A link to the catalog is in the description LCT announced AEG version PP19-01 Vityaz With a shutter stroke simulating blowback Everything works exactly the same as on other models With electric blowback AK series Judging by the red wire The battery is in the handguard At this time, CYMA looked at the classics And made their AEG airsoft versions Of the M16A1 rifle And the Colt XM-177E1 carbine They certainly don’t very accurately repeat combat prototypes in detail But then there was an option to get a budget base For projects on this topic King Arms announced a new Colt Peacemaker revolver In a tactical body kit with the harsh name Devil What does the Black Panther? I don’t know The material doesn’t seem to be vibranium StrikeArt finally decided to please the “Dark side” players And began work on a launcher device In the form factor of an AT4 rocket-propelled grenade Designed to fire with airsoft shots Igla Strela 2M And Strela 2MU Also StrikeArt, together with our Babakhi airsoft pyrotechnics store Decided to arrange a big draw With a total prize fund of 50 000 RUB To make it more interesting We have made as many as 5 prizes And this means that the chance to win something increases dramatically So you can win Airsoft mortar + 50 shots to it Airsoft grenade launcher Malysh Kortes + 50 shots Chekist to it Of which 10 with the smoke agent 50 universal shots Tolkach For airsoft grenade launchers 50 airsoft hand grenade launchers “Penal” And 20 smokes with an active bracket M18 + 10 airsoft grenades M84 I understand that many of you Would like to see a roll of toilet paper in the list of prizes But so far we can only afford pyrotechnics I left the link to the draw in the description of the video The draw itself will take place on March 31, 2020 By the way, more about the draws After each episode, many of you ask me in the comments What kind of sweatshirt Battle shirt and etc.

are on me Predicting your question Forester battle shirt is on me By Phoenix And right now there is a draw of such shirts in their VKontakte group There are also as many as 5 prizes And winners they will determine on March 22 this year If you like such hypes with draws Follow the link in the description and participate Enthusiasts from Russia On the Boomstarter crowdfunding platform Started a very interesting project Their idea is To make an electro-loader In the form of a SAPI plate That is located in your body armor The nose of the loader will be located in front of the bottom of the plate That is, you just bring the magazine with the hole to the loader Press and the loader automatically charges it This whole thing works from 11.

1 V battery If you are interested in other details I left a link in the description Modify announced a new sniper rifle Instead of immediately saying What kind of new product it will be They decided to make an intrigue out of it And showed incomplete photos And a hint that This rifle and it is in Counter Strike People in the comments quickly realized That it would be a Steyr Scout sniper rifle If so Then this will be the first airsoft replica of this rifle And we finally got merch In the form of such PVC patches There are 2 options A bright formal red And field colors That won’t locate you at games Who has been waiting for them for a long time And wanted to buy I left the link in the description Well, in the end I will talk about our trip to the Czech Republic It turned out that A working trip to the Czech Republic for us turned into an unplanned vacation Most of the time we walked around historical places Ate and drank But several places on topics that are close to us We still can visit Firstly, we managed to look at the production of the Prabos company If anyone missed This is one of the largest manufacturers of military and tactical shoes in Europe Their production is located in the city of Slavičín It is not far from the city of Zlin To be honest I was at the real industrial production of shoes for the first time And when you see all this live It is definitely impressive I managed to see the assembly shop Where each worker performs a single operation So that in the end it turns out a solid boot I looked at how quality control works And how the integrity of the membrane is checked We were shown a workshop for the development of new models In which there is special equipment That allows you to quickly create And test a piece by piece Before it is put into mass production For example, this machine with a laser can cut a set of parts For a new model of shoes That were drawn just a few minutes ago in a vector program I also managed to see live How the robotic line for the molding of the sole works Honestly It’s really impressive In the evening of the same day We decided to see how things are with tactical games in the Czech Republic Zlin has an interesting laser tag arena – EStrike The landfill is interesting And very clean With a comfortable seating area And just an unrealistically cool floor That allows you to comfortably run and do tackles The owner of the arena Jan Bartik Himself developed a laser tag system That is used in the club I don’t really understand laser tag But the peculiarity of this system is that It has two emitters One with a wide lesion spot And a short range And the second with a narrow spot And a long range I don’t understand a damn thing But it is very interesting They also have several different models of weapons With different shooting characteristics For example, a gun there shoots no further than 30 meters Due to such system The gameplay very much resembles airsoft pistol games At the CQB training ground For example, those That take place in our Delta airsoft club Unlike the usual laser tag At close range You don’t need to aim directly at the sensor And to get it You can just shoot towards the target The first round, of course, I got used to How to aim to get in How to work with shelters With such a spot Etc.

But from the second round I got involved And I can say that This was the most interesting laser tag in the closed area By the way, we tested the game together with Razvedos Playing in the same team Against my teammates Jan played with us As a result, judging by the statistics Our team won with a slight margin in points Yes, there are statistics too And you can see how many frags were collected And how many times you died The next morning We went to a very cool place This is Army Park in Slavičín While Razvedos and Vlad were engaged in a photo shoot For the presentation of a new collection by Prabos Yaroslav from Army Park gave us an unexpected tour If we recall history Then in 1968 To prevent attempts to reform the political system Warsaw Pact troops were sent to Czechoslovakia And the largest group of troops were the troops of the USSR The complete withdrawal of Soviet troops occurred only in 1991 After the collapse of the USSR This museum contains samples of weapons and special equipment That was used by the Soviet and Czechoslovak military During this period of time The entire exhibition is divided into several thematic rooms In the first room one could see live Czechoslovakian small arms samples Various types of cartridges Mortar mines Rocket-propelled grenades and launchers Ammunition for under-barrel grenade launchers And even air bombs In the second room An exposition of many different night-vision devices Instruments for determining the chemical composition of gases Personal protective equipment against chemical weapons Self-contained breathing equipment And other similar equipment In the 3rd room One could watch live on air defense systems And various missiles Including missiles with homing system Adjustable missiles Among which there was even an American model The fourth exposition is probably the most impressive Here you can watch live on deactivated samples of ballistic missiles As well as on the first samples of military robots A little further were graphically shown engines And transmission elements Of various military equipment and armored vehicles And here was the training cabin of the T72 tank Well, the last exposition was devoted to communications And electronic warfare There were both Soviet and Czechoslovak devices If you go to the Czech Republic And you will have the opportunity to visit this place Be sure to do it It’s worth it I have no other news for you yet As usual I suggest to discuss the video in the comments Put your confident thumbs up Subscribe to the channel Press the bell Look after health And don’t panic See you soon!


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