Hi everyone, I’m Evgenivich You’re on the Red Army Airsoft channel And this is the latest news release from the world of airsoft Over the past week Of course there aren’t so many news this week Like last week But there is smth really hot General sponsor Planet of airsoft StrikeArt Game pyrotechnics Babahi Airsoft pyrotechnics Airsoft Sports I want to start with a very important event for us Thanks to you, your activity and your support Our YouTube channel By the results of the international voting Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards Has been recognized As the best airsoft YouTube channel in the world Despite the fact that We have already won this vote a couple of times In the nomination – News I didn’t particularly believe that we could Win the YouTube channel nomination Because here we were competing With English-speaking channels That have a much larger audience But you were more active and more loyal I won’t lie if I say That my dream came true Even some 6 years ago I didn’t know how to set up camera How to write and process sound How to prepare the material Moreover I couldn’t even speak clearly to the camera Look here Hi everyone I’m Alexander Evgenivich This is Red Army Airsoft channel In this our channel issue We’ll make a review On the airsoft version AS VAL By LCT I looked at adult foreign channels As Gods from a parallel universe Hey guys Red Wolf turn here and you’re watching Red Army Airsoft And could not even allow the thought That we can compete on equal terms And even more so I couldn’t think That someday people would call our channel the best It really means a lot to me And I am very grateful to you From Russian participants Russian manufacturer of pyrotechnics TAGinn Was named the best manufacturer of airsoft pyrotechnics in the world for the second year in a row Quite deservedly Considering what new products they’ve made last year Unfortunately, the rest of the participants from Russia Didn’t get enough votes to win But if we are more active next year Everything can change Rewarding will take place on March 8 At the IWA 2020 in Nuremberg We will go there And try to organize an online broadcast from the ceremony In our Vkontakte group By the way This year at IWA most likely it won’t be as generous With new items as last year This is due to the coronavirus in China Yes, many manufacturers from Asia Simply won’t go this year For example, VFC officially announced That because of the coronavirus epidemic They had to skip the exhibition this year G&G also send notifications to partners That they won’t come this year If everything is bad with the airsoft at IWA We will try to see interesting new products of equipment And of manufacturers of firearms Speaking of manufacturers of firearms Most likely this year Prices for AK series rifles Can grow by at least 7% According to information from several airsoft stores Kalashnikov Concern has begun a new patent protection campaign Stores say that Concern requires 7% of the sale price of any AK series airsoft machine gun As well as all sales reports for these products Verbally information that such letters came Was confirmed by several stores at once But refused to provide scans of documents Therefore, just in case I will say that so far this information can be considered not verified If this is still not a rumor The stores have only one way to continue To trade in AK series products Is to increase prices So it goes After the release of our video about the Chekist shots Toilet talk began in our Vkontakte group Initiated by the manufacturer of the Basmach pyrotechnics Honestly, I really don’t want to retell This whole sheet for one and a half hundred comments So if you are interested in this topic I just leave a link in the description For self-study But I warn you It’s really heavy RUNA HPA announced the release Of the new finished body AR15 For installation of HPA systems there A feature of this body is that It isn’t intended for installation of a standard gearbox And it is possible to directly install the HPA system into it The new body is suitable for the Proteus 3 PolarStar F2 Wolverine Reaper and Inferno An external barrel will be supplied with the body Which is immediately on the same axis as the HPA system Ensuring coaxiality 2 versions are planned Aluminum on a CNC machine And a nylon version The price is promised loyal No other details yet A large supply of KJWorks products arrived at the Airsoft Store Namely, many popular models of airsoft GBB pistols Green Gas and CO2 magazines for them And most importantly a huge number of spare parts KJWorks brand pistols Are quite popular in Russia And many people have them But despite the brand’s popularity Spare parts can often be found only on foreign websites Now the spare parts That are most often out of order You can safely buy in Russia A link to all this is in the description BullGear Customs made a kit That allows you to shoot from a airsoft grenade launcher TAG-35 by TAGinn Without installing on the AK series rifle And more precisely They turned the under-barrel grenade launcher into a pistol That can fire TAGs on an expelling charge At the same time All the original parts of the TAG-35 retain their integrity The only thing that had to be removed Was the sights On the one hand The TAG-35 has one of the features It’s working sights On the other hand When you shoot a lot You start to hit by eye The kit is made of plastic by 3D printing Estimated cost is of 7 000 RUB In addition Bullgear Custom set out To make the 3rd version gearbox the most accessible for the Russian market Made of aluminum on CNC And it seems they did it Not so long ago Came into market The 3rd version gearbox Made on CNC From a single piece of aluminum of the D16T brand Of 5 700 RUB apiece At the same time, when you buy You are given a discount of 250 RUB For the following purchases And if you repost the post with the announcement from the BullGear group You will also receive a discount of 250 RUB Technically CNC 3rd version gearbox can be obtained for 5 200 RUB No cheaper yet Work on the accessible 2nd version gearbox is also underway But so far there is no specifics G&G started sales of the AEG carbine GF85-S The body of the new product is made of aluminum alloy Inside the 2nd version gearbox with 8 mm bearings And a traction motor at 18,000 rpm The price tag is 380 EUR SOMOGear announced Replicas of tactical boxing NGAL Made of aluminum on a CNC machine 2 versions are planned With a green laser An IR laser and a flashlight At a price of $156 apiece And a version with a red laser An IR laser and a flashlight for $146 apiece The start of the sale is scheduled for March 2020 Raptor Airsoft showed a new video Demonstrating the work of the new GBB pistol MP443 Grach Full shutter operation shown Muzzle velocity is promised about 90 m/s Remind you that The price will be about 12 000 RUB, as Airsoft-Rus promised Also, Raptor Airsoft showed A new version of the SV98M spring sniper rifle It differs from the standard version only in gunstock and body kit There is the same AS-02 Striker inside We can take a look at it On the Gunfire booth at IWA 2020 After the last issue of the news In the comment Many of you asked to tell About the helmet of the Mandalorian In which I have anchored a news Asked – I tell This is a replica of the helmet from the ser.

The Mandalorian It is made by injection molding Of plastic Followed by reinforcement Beskar painting If anyone doesn’t know Beskar is such a mega-strong material From the Star Wars universe Which is also considered sacred among the Mandalorians As far as I know, the visor is made of polycarbonate And tinted with car tint There are soft shock-absorbing inserts inside the helmet That are covered with some kind of special fabric The helmet fits very comfortably on the head If this helmet can withstand BBs hits I honestly don’t know And I don’t want to check So as not to spoil the cool thing Initially, this helmet is positioned for cosplay Or as a souvenir for fans of the series But it is possible That it also withstand BBs This helmet was made by Sergey Stepanov He has his own YouTube channel Called “Stepanov Z” In which he tells How this helmet was created Now he is working on the creation of shoulder pads Then he will create armor and weapons Personally, I plan to put together a complete set If you are interested in this topic Follow the link in the description and see I’ve said everything I mean I don’t have other news for you today As usual I suggest to discuss video in the comments Put your confident thumbs up Subscribe to the channel See you soon!


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