Hi everyone, I’m Evgenivich You’re on the Red Army Airsoft channel And this is the latest news release From the world of airsoft lately As you know The whole world is busy with the issue of The coronavirus pandemic And finding some news on airsoft topics Is getting harder and harder But I found something for you General sponsor Planet of airsoft StrikeArt Game pyrotechnics Babahi Airsoft pyrotechnics Airsoft Sports So The company StrikeArt announced a new product For fans of the Bundeswehr theme Suddenly, they decided to make An airsoft grenade with an active bracket In the form factor of the German hand grenade DM51 The case, as it should be, will be made of plastic By injection molding method The initiator is similar to MT130 and M67 Right now, StrikeArt is thinking about Whether or not to initiate with an additional protective cap On the one hand, with a cap it will be more entourage On the other hand, this cap will increase the cost of the product By 30 RUB And a grenade will cost not 200 RUB but 230 RUB Is it worth it to make a more expensive entourage grenade or not? You can leave your opinion in the comments StrikeArt has already posted a video demonstration of the prototype of such a grenade With a case printed on a 3D printer But you can evaluate the work of the initiator The theme of the dark side doesn’t end there A week ago StrikeArt completed work On the external parts for a new launcher In the form factor of the NATO AT-4 grenade launcher As you understand The grenade launcher is the response of the RPG-26 And will fire with airsoft shots Strela 2M, Strela 2MU and Igla Serial production and assembly will begin very soon In addition, right now The assembly process of Kortes launching devices for Chekist shots is in full swing Shipments to stores have already begun For example, in our store of airsoft pyrotechnics Babahi Arrival is expected next week Delivery works throughout Russia Meanwhile, TAGinn also don’t lose time And continue to work on the production Of their new products in the new conditions And even say that All the new products will go on sale according to the plan For example American stores plan to get a serial version of the new mortar In the autumn of this year In order not to break deadlines And at the same time ensure safety TAGs had to seriously reorganize their workflow The number of shifts has been increased by 2 times To reduce the number of employees working simultaneously The 24/6 working arrangements has been introduced The company’s engineers and management transferred to a home working In this difficult time Many will have to learn to work in a new way I hope the situation will stabilize soon The new products will go on sale And we will be able to play airsoft again Tokyo Marui has announced the new AK STORM rifle With M-LOK handguard and telescopic buttstock Made by Next Generation AEG architecture Some details about the inside parts And specific functionality hasn’t yet been published It is known that the new product will come with a set of accessories Such as additional RIS-bars on the M-LOK Palm rests And mount for the Micro Pro Sight The promised price tag is approximately $ 535 Some Asian stores even made pre-orders The start of sales is scheduled for April 17 But what will actually be isn’t yet clear LCT promised That the start of shipments of the first batch of RPK-16 Will begin on March 25 this year If so Then by the summer the new product will appear in Russian stores Speaking of stores A big delivery by Arcturus has arrived at AirSoft-Rus In addition to the usual AK series in a tactical body kit AEG versions of the HK416A5 have been delivered there Including in sand colors The price tag in comparison with the version by VFC Is very humane Also at AirSoft-Rus have been delivered Hand and under-barrel airsoft grenade launchers Again available M320 by ARES In black and sand colors And the latest version of the GP-30 by King Arms Also there are new items by CYMA This is an MK47 series rifles That is, Ms with magazines from AK And several models of spring sniper rifles in a tactical body kit Last wek a large supply of products by AceTech was arrived at the Airsoft Store There are chronographs, tracer nozzles And tracer modules in silencers Including the compact AT2000R tracer module A feature of this module is its compact size Thanks to which it is possible to make a silencer That on the one hand will work as a tracer illumination of BBs And on the other hand – muffle the sound Raptor Airsoft finally announced that The first batch of GBB pistols MP-443 Grach Is already in stock But unfortunately they are ready to start shipping As soon as the situation with the coronavirus is resolved GHK seems less fortunate Due to the situation with coronavirus They had to postpone the serial production Of their GBB version of the Glock 17 Gen3 pistol For an indefinite period If you remember It was recently the 1st of April Of course, it wasn’t so rich in pranks In view of the current situation throughout the world But some didn’t miss the opportunity to joke On topical and not very topical themes Evike Airsoft posted April fish saying that They made their own brand of toilet paper Especially for airsoft players It seems that jokes about buckwheat and toilet paper Will haunt us for a long time Helikon posted an April fish saying that They plan to release a shirt Is made entirely of Velcro So that patch lovers don’t deny themselves the pleasure StrikeArt posted an April fish About the beginning of sales of the budget kit For self-assembly of the Malysh launching device Costing only 499 RUB The kit consists of granular plastic A pipe blank, a caprolon blank A wire board A set of electronic components A battery and fasteners For assembly, you just need to have your own CNC machine Lathe Injection molding machine Soldering equipment Equipment for SMD installation And a tutorial for working in SolidWorks The most interesting thing is that In the comments there were people Who really would like to buy such a kit Manufacturer of airsoft equipment and rifles Classic Army Has started the production of disposable medical masks But in this case it’s not an April fish, but reality Now many companies are restructuring their production In the direction of personal protective equipment For example, the American company Mystery Ranch For the period of the pandemic suspended work on all its products And sent all available resources to the production of protective masks Which will be delivered to hospitals And finally, I consider it necessary to talk about airsoft games Or rather about their cancellation Or rescheduling In connection with the situation with coronavirus in the country As many of you already know Right now, in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus And not to violate current legislation There is a massive cancellation or rescheduling of airsoft games in most regions Conscious organizers cancel or reschedule not only big games and openings But even small private games For a few people Airsoft clubs and small training areas also suspended their work At the same time there are organizers Who organize or plan to organize games Despite the risks, prohibitions and recommendations Covering this whole thing with walking into the forest or training You can find a few specific ones on the LIST In the comments I suppose to discuss this topic And answer the question How you feel about participating in such projects? Despite the current situation in the country I have no other news for you yet With you was Evgenivich Don’t forget to put your confident thumbs up Subscribe to the channel Press the bell Not to miss new issues See you soon!


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