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General sponsor “Babahi” – the airsoft pyrotechnics, “StrikeArt” – the game pyrotechnics “Planet of airsoft” Hey everyone, I’m Evgenivich You’re on Red Army Airsoft channel It’s the latest airsoft news release for the last week As many of you know, a couple of weeks ago we came back from From the IWA 2019 exhibition And last week I managed to create as many as 9 express reviews About the loudest and hottest new products of the exhibition Including SV-98 from Raptor Airsoft PP2000 from Modify AK12 from LCT SR2M Veresk from NPO AEG and etc Most likely we collected all the cool news this month And may be even more I don’t see any point in repeating If you missed these videos, go to the channel video and watch So I will try to tell you about what is left overs On the 3rd day of IWA 2019, an Airsoft Meetup event was held This is an international meeting Which was attended by many representatives of the airsoft industry from around the world Starting from major manufacturers, ending with shops and mass media At the end of the Airsoft Meetup The award ceremony for the winners of Airsoft Player Choice Awards was held In which you voted for us For the first time we independently received our Plate My friends, thank you for the support Only thanks to you we stand on this stage And get this Plate, it is our common Thank you In addition to us, guys from TAGinn got their Plate Thank you And Marty, but since Marty didn’t arrive I assumed the role of a courier to deliver the plate to Russia Quite accidentally passing by the G&G booth I saw another award It turns out this year, our compatriot Ilya Shugurin from Saratov Won the grand prize in the video contest G&G Your Greatest Glory An entirely unexpected new product for me Was the airsoft AEG version of the SVK rifle from Lancer Tactical The saddest thing is that I took a photo of it passing by the booth on autopilot But noticed and realized that this is the SVK, only at home analyzing photos From the interesting details, I still know, only that This stable release has the official licenses of the Kalashnikov Concern There were the other new products, about which we didn’t have enough time to shoot a separate video But we took some photos, short videos and found out some details For example, PTW version HK416 from Umarex With licensed markings There is the PTW insides in this carabine But not from Systema, but from some other OEM manufacturer Which isn’t yet called An interesting fact is that the price of a ready carbine is 1300 $ If anyone doesn’t know, before this product People had to spend more than 3000 $ to assemble PTW from the exterior of HK416 The exclusive distributor of this product is RWA The company AceTech showed a new tracer nozzle with a bluetooth module And a special smartphone app Thanks to the application, you can use the nozzle as a portable chron As well as control the highlighting settings The nozzle works from one battery Can highlight both green and red BBs The charge is enough for 32000 shots Another interesting feature of the nozzle is interchangeable adapters for different threads That is, changing the adapter, you can install the nozzle on the AK type rifles, M type rifles, and even on guns It was possible to turn in the hands the sawn-off rifle from ARES Striker AS03 In fact, this is all the same sniper rifle But without the buttstock and with a very short barrel What for? Well, probably because they can BOLT Airsoft showed a production AK with blow-back imitation The blow-back is really the strongest I have seen in airsoft weapons Unlike the version of last year, this time AK didn’t disassemble itself And the details on it were kept very decently They also make MP5 with blow-back and mobile bolt Personally, I liked it more than AK I managed to run over the Umarex booth A new G36 series with keymod handguards and sliding buttstocks was shown on the booth With a note of “new”, guns were also shown GBB version of the gun HK P8 A1 GBB version HK USP GBB version HK VP9 Tactical GBB version of Smith&Wesson M&P And updated Glocks 4 generation At the booth of the Czech company Prabos is showed a new line of shoes With an additional cushion layer in the sole And increased flank protection to work with the rope The model range includes low ones without quarters Ones with mid-quarters And ones with high-quarters It is worth noting that there are versions with and without the Gore-Tex membrane At the RWA booth, Richie from Wolvirine Airsoft showed his new product Completely mechanical system without electronics Reaper M The system is semi-automatic The system of the work of the nozzle is Close Bolt Features of the system are more accurate feeding of the BBs in a hop-up And an air saving system According to Richie, the system consumes as much air as the electric Reaper I also finally managed to hold in the hands the LMG machine gun from the Golden Eagle It wasn’t so heavy, but very comfortable The body is made of aluminum alloy The feeding of BBs is straight, in a hop-up without any extra channels The hop-up itself is an ordinary M-type I hope somebody will take to Russia these machine guns I would take this as a base for the HPA machine gun At the exhibition, we also met with Perun, an electronics manufacturer for AEG In addition to electronic keys and electronic control units The company produces adjustable-length nozzles We don’t know how they are in practice But at least the idea looks unusual And finally, I’ll show you a secret product from Gear Skin In short, these are stickers If you don’t like someone You can buy them, but then you know what to do I have no other news for you yet As usual I suggest to discuss the news in comments Put your thumbs up Subscribe on the channel With you was Evgenivich, see you soon Plastic twenty-two It was made from plastic Guys, where are we going? 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