Hi everyone, I’m Evgenivich You’re on Red Army Airsoft channel And this is the latest airsoft news release I know that many of you would like more news releases But I can’t invent them This is fucking news As soon as release information is accumulated I make the release But if you want to help me with searching info and news You can do the proposed publication in our VKontakte group Of course, it’s not the fact that all this will turn out to be news and will be published But you can always try to help General sponsor Planet of airsoft “StrikeArt” – the game pyrotechnics “StrikeArt” – the game pyrotechnics So let’s play a trump StrikeArt has released an updated version of the sensational launcher For VOG-Tulpan – Malysh 2.

0 If anyone forgot If you remember, only the lazy one didn’t criticize the first version of this device for its untidy appearance We aren’t lazy And also scoffed as we could Catching the feedback, StrikeArt finalized Malysh And it looks like that now The concept has remained the same The look became much better Now the body is cast from normal plastic The barrel is from aluminium The principle of operation remains the same Put in a shot, pull the trigger and fire Built-in battery Charges from such a charge Promised price 4 000 RUB In addition, StrikeArt has updated the line of smoke agents Adding a couple of new positions to it And revising the pricing policy for the popular smoke agent SHD-90 It has become noticeably cheaper and costs 200 RUB As a new product, smoke agent was appeared in form factor of the budget grenade Eger We call it Eger-smoke agent The manufacturer have called it SHD-50 Put the like if you like our name more Price tag 150 RUB apiece And now it seems that this is the most budget smoke agent on the market What you need to stop the technique on airsoft games And finally the smoke agent-mediocre was appeared Smth between SHD-90 and SHD-200 SHD-130, the smoke mass is 130 gr Price tag 240 RUB apiece New smoke agents are also on sale in shop of airsoft pyrotechnics “Babahi” And you can make the preorder on Malysh 2.

0 HPA SYSTEM continue to share details about new buttstock PB-U for HPA system Firstly, they showed how the PB-U with the Gran controller will look like, in the Line configuration Yes, in this form it’s just a conveniently located low pressure regulator for your balloon According to the manufacturer, PB-U is compatible with cheap industrial regulators with the slang name Siphon SFR from Red Line and new regulator Gran Secondly, they showed what the buttstock would looks like in the configuration Buttstock To make it a full buttstock It will be enough to add guides and a set of plastic And finally, you can clearly see how the PB-U looks different from a conventional buttstock-cylinder And a standard buttstock for Ms There is no exact information on the release date and price LCT showed an updated line of AK rifles with shutter stroke imitation Besides 74 and 100 AK series RPKS-74, AK-12 and AK-15 will be equipped with shutter stroke imitation Whether the operability of these rifles has changed, is still unknown We will be honest that First versions of the rifles from LCT with shutter stroke imitation worked so-so Because of the shutter stroke imitation, the load on the motor was a lot In addition, LCT showed a line of rifles Z-parts series So veiled they call the rifle in the replica options from Zenit Vityaz at Zenit also is Looks like G&G got back to the idea of mixing airsoft and laser tag Increasing the distance of hitting of players to 150 meters A couple of years ago, we already wrote about the system M.

I.T. from G&G Which consists of the nozzle with laser, helmet and vest As you know, the vest and helmet have sensors And at the moment the BBs comes out, the nozzle shoots with a laser, as in a laser tag The new version of M.

I.T. will come with imitation of PEQ15 module In which are the batteries and laser designator The silencer nozzle also works as a tracer nozzle and chron All controls are 4 buttons Remember leaked information that the Kugel store is closing? Far from it You can officially declare that Kugel reborn as a phoenix from the ashes And again in the game! If someone is suddenly off topic Kugel supplies to Russia all sorts of hot new produtcs, exclusive airsoft guns and other products for airsoft Both the middle and premium segment They also have a very useful project called the Silk Road Within which you can order some unique and necessary goods directly from Hong Kong The Kugel retail store is now located on the territory of the Kugel indoor CQB polygon At the address Moscow, Khoroshevsky proezd, house 7, building 14, near the metro Polezhaevskaya As you know, the training ground is open for airsoft teams and corporate parties I left a link to the Kugel project in the description Dyce’s workshop has released replicas of silencers for Russian models of airsoft guns All products are made on CNC machines Coating – anodizing Features of new products are Entourage appearance, light weight And the ability to install tracer inserts from AceTech To install the AT2000 tracer insert, replicas of silencers PBS-1, Kochevnik and TGP are suitable A replica of the moderator PP Vityaz is suitable for installing the AT1000 tracer insert If smb’ve missed CYMA have created new line of rifles M4 series Or rather two lines at once CM.

097 – the rifles line with metal receiver CM.620 – new line with the neylon body As far as I know, until this time, all the plastic models of the CYMA rifles were made of ABS plastic And now it is neylon New Ms from CYMA have their own electronic key CYMA Mosfet 1.

0 And gearbox with quick-detachable spring and not bad inner parts Also CYMA have updated their CYMA-Glocks Now they also have electronic key And built-in non-removable battery Which charges from USB Arrow Dynamics made an airsoft RPG-7 Which shoots with standard 40mm airsoft shots Accordingly, the sleeves from TAGinn will also work The shot can be loaded directly into the barrel of a grenade launcher Instead of imitation of a missile So in the missile itself Materials – aluminum alloy and wood-colored plastic The price tag isn’t yet called RWA started selling a limited batch GBB pistol Agent 1 This is a joint project RWA, Nighthawk Custom and Agency Arms In total, 99 copies were produced VFC and FABARM have announced the release of gas airsoft shotgun STF/12 11 inch RWA will also act as a distributor SRC have announced the release of new GBB pistol Maverick No details yet, but it looks very strange I haven’t the other news for you As usual I propose to discuss this news in the comments Put your confident thumbs up Necessarily subscribe to the channel And press the bell not to miss new releases See you soon!


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