Hi everyone, I’m Evgenievich And this is the latest news release from the airsoft world For some time More accurately – for 2-3 weeks Just about this time, the news didn’t come out Therefore, they have accumulated quite a lot And so the release will be long enough All as you like Let’s go General sponsor Planet of airsoft StrikeArt Game pyrotechnics Babahi Airsoft pyrotechnics Airsoft Sports I’ll start with the popular news about CYMA Last week In the Polish Taiwangun store An AEG airsoft version of the RSS “Vintorez” by CYMA was seen on sale I remember a few years ago When the first RSSs by LCT appeared on the market Everyone joked that CYMA would soon start making their version And now it happened There were of course intermediate versions by AY subsidiary for CYMA But they were awful in appearance The new RSS by CYMA Judging by the description Has a fully aluminum body Buttstock, handguard and grip are from nylon The total weight of the rifle is 2900 gr Inside is the standard for CYMA gearbox Of the 3rd ver.

of the latest generation At the base is a traction motor With neodymium magnets The cost of new product for our money is 12 600 RUB Similarity isn’t super But the rifle is lightweight And inexpensive Free stalkers will appreciate As you know At the beginning of this month in the United States There was a wave of protests, riots and looting So During these protests A fairly well-known blogger and airsoft player Greg Wong was detained Known as Spartan117GW Judging by the information of the FOX11 publication Greg got off the UBER taxi In the equipment of a fighter of the National Guard Directly opposite the headquarters of the Los Angeles Police Department And he tried to enter the ranks of the fighters of the National Guard Who defended the city center from looters But real fighters were vigilant And Greg was detained And arrested According to the comments of the officers Wong first of all was squeal on by his carbine Which was different from those That were actually used by fighters of the National Guard As I understand he took AR-15 in tactical body kit But the real fighters Used M4 almost without any kit Greg also had another pistol NVD and other extra equipment That real fighters didn’t have While in police custody Wong said He wanted to help protect stores In the city center from marauders He also wrote about this on the eve on his Facebook page Motives, of course, were good But as a result His actions seriously set the airsoft community In the eyes of the public and authorities As a result, Wong was charged with a felony For the manufacture and distribution of assault weapons Currently, it is issued on bail of $ 50,000 An interesting fact is that His Instagram and Facebook pages are closed And all videos from his YouTube channel are deleted That’s about it The airsoft weapons manufacturer LCT Shifted their attention vector Towards the external body kit As I said earlier They made a whole line of Zenith body kits For all AK series rifles Including for RPK and RPK-16 In addition, they made a line of silencers With a module for tracer illumination of BBs That can be installed on any AK series rifle Including on the AK-12 and AK-15 For this, LCT made a special adapter You probably want to ask me When it all goes on sale in Russia It has already appeared Because last week A huge amount of the new Zenith kit by LCT Came to the Airsoft Rus store And to the our studio Guess for what.

.. In the Airsoft-RUS there are Handguards, buttstocks, grips, DTK Silencers, receiver covers with RIS-bars Picatinny rails and other useful fittings And this week The AEG version of AK-12 by Arcturus should finally arrive at Airsoft Rus Whoever was waiting for it very much and wanted to buy – have time to this I think they will be captured again in a couple of days As was the case with the AK-12 by LCT G&G announced a new budget line of rifles Visually similar to the HK416 The lineup consists of 2 models That differ in handguards and buttstocks The body and handguards are made of nylon Weight is promised only 2,5 kg The controls are duplicated on the left and right sides The base has a rotary hop-up And MOSFET of the 4th by the standards of the G&G gen.

Start of sales is scheduled for the end of this summer The price will probably be called around the same time Also G&G introduced a new line of GBB pistols of the Piranha series The lineup consists of 2 models that differ in color The pistol doesn’t have a real firearm prototype And was created purely for airsoft purposes Of the features, one can note the RIS-bar At the top of the fixed barrel For mounting sights A gas system that resists freezing And adjusts hop-ups Using a special key without disassembling the pistol A large supply of products by East Crane arrived at Airsoft Sports There is simply a huge range of M4 series rifles With different handguards and different lengths There are both versions in a tactical body kit And classic Vietnamese versions For example XM177E2 And M16VN There are various versions of the HK416 Including the Geissele handguard There are a couple of models of pistols Glock 19 and Glock 17 by East Crane In addition to rifles and pistols Mechanical magazines for the M4 series were arrived And aluminum receivers Discounts apply to the entire range ICS this season seems to focus on pistols Right now they are working on their GBB version Of the HI-CAPA pistol There are no details yet But it is known that 2 versions are planned With a plastic and metal shutter ICS have completed testing And are ready to begin selling The new GBB SARSILMAZ SAR 9 pistol Some stores have even managed to start a pre-order The price tag for our money is about 10 000 RUB The ICS version is released under the Sarsılmaz Arms license And fully copies the firearm prototype The trigger group is modular Which, like in the firearm version Simplifies repair and maintenance Hop-up is updated version Adjustable by screw In magazines there is a REVO Valve system According to information by ICS This pistol successfully passed the stress test of 10 000 shots Which looks very good for a GBB pistol with a movable shutter When the pistol starts to be sold in Russia It isn’t clear yet The new Russian manufacturer of equipment – Viking Gear Made their version of the lightweight modular chest armor Micro Fight Rig Mk.

3 It is called “Garm” And differs from the prototype in that The system of side pouches has been redesigned So that they fit more comfortably for the user The underframe is also redone And new inserts are developed For normal use with AK magazines Of course, due to the modularity The chest armor can be assembled for any other magazines For example of the M4 Or magazines of PP In addition to the chest armor The manufacturer made a light assault backpack RK-1L Orn As planned, the backpack is designed To accommodate the necessary minimum For daily airsoft play Wherein the backpack is as compact as possible So as not to increase the size of the user Links to the entire Viking catalog are in the description to the video Spoiler We have already done a 50% review On the equipment kit by Viking Gear And it will soon be on our channel TAGinn shared the info That they has completed the final tests of the new Dominus airsoft mortar And at the moment Both the HPA version and the version with expelling charges are tested During a series of tests, serious work was done To increase the safety of shots While maintaining accuracy and range According to preliminary information The start of sales of a new mortar in Russia Is scheduled for September this year ARES seems to have made An AEG airsoft version of the SA80 A3 This is the latest modification Of the British LA85 assault rifle Which was first shown in 2016 There is no specific information About the airsoft new product yet But judging by the fact that It was appeared in the hands of Mark from Red Wolf Soon worth waiting for a review A large supply of products by Ars Arma has arrived at the Airsoft Store In addition to the already familiar positions The AVS unloading system was appeared in stock The principle of the system is the constructor The base is taken And the necessary elements are hung on it All elements of the system are available in 6 camouflage colors You don’t have to wait for anything Everything is in stock at the store’s warehouse If you suddenly don’t know AVS is the corset unloading system Designed by Crye Precision To redistribute weight from the shoulders Evenly throughout the body Seriously reducing the load on the spine And if you use STKSS stops Then in general almost all the weight Can be redistributed to the pelvis and legs This is relevant If you wear armor plates Or just load yourself with heavy equipment AVS kit by Crye costs $ 1,500 The version by Ars Arma is noticeably cheaper Stich Profi made new universal fast polymer pouches For M4 and AK series magazines They are called Plastic Fast In design and functionality They resemble standard fast pouches with side rails However, in this case The entire case is completely made of durable frost-resistant polymer The feature of the pouch is A quick mount on the MOLLE system This can be useful If you often change the location of pouches before games For example, replacing pouches from the chest armor To the combat belt Pouches are available in colors: oliva, black, coyote The price tag is humane – 690 RUB apiece Magpul created the line of accessories for the MP5 series This is the handguards and the butt plate And even the receiver Perhaps this will refresh the look at MP5 And they will again begin to be popular among the people We are waiting impatiently for The version for airsoft games to appear Workshop Rubezh-52 started the production of Their own hop-up chambers For spring rifles M24 and M40 For VSR types packings The chamber is designed For the geometry of packings by Maple Leaf Inside the chamber there are grooves for the packing rib The method of mounting of the barrel Is a collet clamp with a lock against rotation The declared price tag is 4 000 RUB In addition, Rubezh-52 finished tests Of simulating the chamber of TDC mod.

for Mk23 Under the Maple Leaf press Briefly This thing is needed For simplifies the adjust of hop-up on the MK23 And eliminates the distortion of the press The owners of the MK23 will understand The declared price tag is 2 000 RUB Laylax started their own line of biodegradable tracer BBs Weight – 0.

20 and 0.25 gr Unfortunately, there are no heavy ones That’s all for today As usual I invite to discuss this video in the comments Put your confident thumbs up Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel And press the bell With you was Evgenievich See you soon!


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