Evgenivich, why there isn’t any news? Evgenivich, where is news?? Here they are, and I will immediately say That is was quite difficult to find something about new products Manufacturers to fall in the summer hibernation And also I was on airsoft games almost the whole May and June Just play or hang out with the shop of airsoft pyrotechnics “Babahi” That is, I just played without bothering to shoot This had to be done in order not to lose grip Put head straight And again, feel how cool it is to just play airsoft on bothering for content You may consider this my little airsoft vacation General sponsor “Planet of airsoft” “StrikeArt” – the game pyrotechnics “Babahi” – the airsoft pyrotechnics May and June judging by the LIST was full of mems and toilet talks But I didn’t want to delve into all this, that I did not even read the comments If you are interested in the theme of toilet talks Come on to the LIST and plenty to do it yourself The link is in description Manufacturer of HPA cylinders Phoenix Identified an error in the operation of the Numerical Control In this connection, withdraw the cylinders volume of half a liter With te serial numbers: from RV4-00064 till RV4-00125 To avoid unpleasant situations, the manufacturer advises to refrain from using these cylinders And don’t keep them under pressure Instead of defective cylinders Customers can exchange them for cylinders of a different size Or for similar cylinders from a new batch Manufacturer assumes shipping costs I am glad that the company admits its mistakes Worry about safety in time inform buyers And it is ready to solve problems at its own expense TAGInn published new photos of its new grenade launchers parts TAG-35 And also boxes with expelling shots TAG-35D According to the manufacturer, in the process of testing Revealed a lack of reliability of the individual components of the contact group Because of what the sales start dates are shifting While waiting for a grenade launcher Considering the description of the boxes You will notice that contact shots are planned, as well as shots with a 4 and 5 second delay Each grenade launcher will have the unique serial number And according to numeration the first batch consists of 42 products BullGear Customs continues working on automatic loader for loading magazines Electronics of new loader allows to adjust the amount of BBs to load In order not to overload the mechanical springs According to the workshop after finish work on a large loader Work will begin on creating a compact hand-held version Russian HPA System manufacturer Finished the completion and testing Silent set for HPA system Proteus 3 According to manufacturer with installed Set Proteus 3 even on 3 J.

will shoot not louder than MK23 Socom from Tokyo Marui Combat Union practically completed work on hop-up for SVD from CYMA The last tests will be completed very soon and sales will begin M4 hop-up version we will see a little bit later The big delivery of rifles and details from G&G was arrived Airsoft Store Brought as already proven models and new items In addition to rifles in stock, there is wiring for 3 version gearboxes with ETU and MOSFET As well as the case of gearboxes of the second version with ETU, MOSFET and 8 mm bearings If you’ve searched smth from new products from G&G The link to the whole catalog is in description Arcturus continues working on their version of AK-12 This is evidenced by the numerous photos of AK-12 elements on their Facebook page The part of barrel box and the barrel have already been shown Magazine, back sight and buttstock Apparently they really liked how the AK-12 buttstock looks on the AR There is a large arrivals of budget Strike Art pyrotechnics in the shop of certified airsoft pyrotechnics “Babahi” Including budget grenades EGER which have already recommended themselves 70 RUB apiece As well as budget grenades with an active guard MT-130 150 RUB apiece All goods are in stock and ready for shipment The link to the whole catalog – in description TWI has finished work on imitation of cartridges 7.

62Х54 with a tape for PKP They say first samples can be seen at Berget Also TWA finally completed replica DTK Putnik from Zenit Unifit Airsoft is working on an adapter for tracer nozzles for machine guns M-132 Microgun from Classic army Currently, there is only a video with a prototype printed on a 3D printer Airsoftjunkiez made an adapter for the loader from Odin For magazines from KWA TK45 Meanwhile, Airsoft Atlanta is working on a universal adapter that would fit all types of magazines LayLax made the short barrel for sniper rifle M40A5 from Tokyo Marui Material – aluminium alloy Thread 14- I have no other news for you yet As usual I propose to discuss news in comments Put your confident thumbs up And subscribe to the channel By the way, AK-12 from LСT has already arrived to Airsoft-Rus And I’m working on a review See you soon!


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