Hi everyone, I’m Evgenivich You’re on the Red Army Airsoft channel And this is the latest news release from the world of airsoft For the last couple of weeks So it happened That for some time we fell out of business And released not so many videos But all this isn’t due to coronavirus But because we had a relocation of the studio And we had to urgently Build a new workplace Now the construction is almost finished And already next week Several new reviews will appear on the channel And news releases will begin to appear more often General sponsor Planet of airsoft StrikeArt Game pyrotechnics Babahi Airsoft pyrotechnics Airsoft Sports So I want to start with the fact that In the Polish Taiwangun store AK-12 AEG by Arcturus was noticed And this means that Soon this rifle will reach the Russian market The price tag for our money is approximately 25 000 RUB Declared weight is 3,5 kg The length of the inner barrel is 425 mm The receiver, the cover of the receiver, the selector switch Imitation shutter and other accessories are made of steel But the barrel to reduce weight and improve weight distribution Is made of aluminum As the other rifles by Arcturus Included is a mechanical magazine With the ability to switch capacities From 130 to 30 BBs Silverback Airsoft has announced A new line of spring sniper rifles SRS-A2 Which copies the new products by Desert Tech The SRS-A2 line will replace the SRS-A1 The production of which is currently stopped This month it is planned to release the 16-inch Covert version And 22-inch version The 16-inch Sport version will appear in June All new products will be available in 3 colors Black, Sand and Olive Versions for righties and lefties are planned The new line is fully compatible With spare parts from the previous generation With the exception of the receiver and the stock Simply put The SRS-A1 receiver is not compatible with the SRS-A2 M-LOK receiver Just like the SRS-A2 receiver is not compatible with the SRS-A1 stock Compared to the previous generation, the rifle is 25% lighter A new M-LOK handguard is installed in the base A bipod mount appeared on the front of the receiver A new trigger is installed And the barrel mount design has become more reliable Also Silverback Airsoft also released a 3D presentation Of their new MDR-X rifle We even personally held the prototypes of this rifle At IWA 2018 and 2019 The video is on the channel Let me remind you that The new product replicates the MDR carbine bullpup by Desert Tech The airsoft version of the MDR-X With a total length of only 700 mm Is equipped with a 430 mm AEG type brass barrel The weight of the rifle with the magazine is 2,6 kg It’s very little Feeding with BBs is from 7.

62 NATO-style magazines Base magazines – 80 BBs Also it is compatible With SR-25 magazines by G&P and A&K Gearbox, as we have already said, has enough interesting design Its own unique Some of the main spare parts Are compatible with ones from standard gearboxes Of the 2nd and 3rd versions The base configuration is equipped with electronics For controlling fire modes and motor operation Hop-up chamber is rotary Unique design for standard AEG trunks and packings The design of the rifle allows you To quickly change the barrel Without removing the gearbox and complete disassembly Silverback also reported that They have plans for a compact version of the MDR-C As well as a bunch of different removable external body kit These are handguards and barrels of different lengths Adapters for magazines for M4, buttstocks, swivels Bars for additional equipment, etc.

By the way, the Association of airsoft snipers of Russia In its VKontakte group has started a series of publications With reviews of real players on tuning parts by various companies If you are interested in the subject of sniping And you are interested in real reviews about spare parts I left a link in the description – just use it TAGinn continues to share details from the tests of its new “Dominus” mortar Recent tests have shown That the maximum distance is 294 m With a headwind of 3 m/s and a temperature of +4 The minimum under the same conditions is 80 m Under such conditions, the flight time of the mines is 18 sec While at all distances the mines fall into a circle with a radius of 10 m That is, the accuracy of mortar fire at all distances is 10 m The practice of use has shown That when shooting from a closed position at distances of more than 200 m It is simply impossible to fire without a spotter If you want to hit the target at such distances You will have to form a special group Which will be engaged in this mortar and reconnaissance The Plotting Board Which I spoke about in the last release Is fully synchronized with the mortar’s sights All mathematics and physics work as needed TAGinn was also flashed special caps with a hole Thanks to which it will blow a whistle during a mine Put the fear of God into the enemy A little self-promotion of our store airsoft pyrotechnics Babahi But information is suddenly not about pyrotechnics We decided to expand the store’s assortment a bit And now we have near-tactical clothing And patches That can be mounted on this near-tactical clothing A shipment of shirts by Phoenix RME arrived at our warehouse Yes, these are such casual shirts Combat Shirt But with arms in checks I myself have been wearing this for the second week already Although I thought that I would use it for shootings The colors are different, sizes – too Link to the catalog is in the description Also many different patches were came to us Right now they are being added to the site I also left a link In the near future we will add to the catalog all the interesting So follow the news For authorized dealers G&G created a pre-order for a new line of budget AK-series rifles With a pre-installed MOSFET, electronic trigger And electronics for controlling fire modes G&G V3 Box ETU The line is called CM47 ETU And consists of 2 AK models That visually copy the lightweight AK 1953 But with a bar for mounting the sight One model with a black body kit The other with a wood kit Apparently G&G decided to install this electronics in all of their rifles Even the new M1 Garand Comes with a pre-installed MOSFET and ETU electronics unit Keep up to date Tokyo Marui has already started shipping the new AK STORM to stores Made in Next Generation AEG design With simulated recoil Some stores even flashed live photos of new items The battery, as expected, is located in the handguard A good set of accessories comes with the machine gun In the Airsoft Sports store A large supply of HPA products by Wolverine Airsoft was arrived If you want to assemble the speedsoft machine gun on the HPA Then there are many kits on the INFERNO HPA system For the M4, AK series, even for the M249 machine guns Also the BOLT HPA system for sniper rifles is available As well as regulators with and without a line For fans of lightweight AEG assemblies and extreme tuning In Airsoft Sports Milled 3 version gearbox walls were appeared in stock By Bull Gear Customs There are discounts on all this If you don’t believe – have a look at their site Evike Airsoft started a pre-ordered for an external body kit To turn the M4 series rifle Into the Stryker Electromagnetic Cannon To be honest, I don’t know from which setting or the world this gun is But judging by the description It should be used by some sort of regular space marines Manufacturer – 6mmProShop Materials – nylon, aluminum alloy Some parts are made of aluminum on a CNC machine Of the features On the buttstock there is a battery indicator That suddenly shows how much battery power is left The price tag is $ 84 per set The Russian company Stahl Airsoft Arms Continues to work on its airsoft version of the Russian submachine gun PP2000 In the photo, a mock-up assembly with internal mock-up details The manufacturer notes That a good balance is already noticeable The center of gravity is on the handle The gear balance the product well The rifle feels like an extension of the hand There are no other details yet But if the manufacturer share the details We will follow the news Ares announced a new fast loader With the straightforward name ARES Magazine Speed ​​Loader Which is suspiciously very similar to the well-known ODINN loader The ARES version allows you To quickly charge AEG and GBB magazines of the M4 series For one full rotation, the loader charges 10 BBs The compartment with BBs isn’t in the loader itself But in the external bottle As a bottle, you can use either special bottles with BBs by ARES Or standard plastic bottles For example the bottle of mineral water or Coca-Cola Prometheus announced a new Gearbox 2 version Hard Gear Box Shell The main idea of ​​which is The ability to autonomously gain access to the CPG or gear block This will probably be useful for maintenance gearbox The gearbox is made on a CNC machine made of aircraft aluminum The price tag hasn’t yet been named But knowing the prices of LayLax One doesn’t have to count on a low price tag Poseidon announced the new hop-up packing Pegasus In addition to the standard features With good positioning and spinning the BBs They promise that these packings don’t freeze And work at low temperatures We will see Taiwanese workshop RobinHood Tactical has begun work on parts For the airsoft version of the Smith & Wesson Model 29 revolver It is noteworthy that All the details are made on a CNC machine of aircraft aluminum Where it will be sold – unfortunately I don’t know yet Pro-Arms Airsoft is also engaged in the manufacture of aluminum parts For airsoft guns In their case, these are external barrels and shutters Or Glock 17 by VFCUmarex I’ll probably end with this And tell about the rest in the next news release And it will be very, very soon! 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