– Watch out, grenade! Damn! Hello Everyone, this is Marty. Let’s carry on with the next part. Just to remind you – we managed to get the scientist to the needed room. Now we’re on defence timer, scoring our victory.

– Empty, falling back! When I emptied my last magazine to the enemy direction, I had an urge to throw a grenade too. Well, wish I hadn’t. – Watch out, grenade! Damn! Yeah, the years have passed… I keep making the same mistakes.

– Watch out, grenade! Damn! – Phew, thank god. Sorry about that, man. Well, I managed to pull one of my mates out, but my grenade killed another one. I offered to claim myself dead instead, this is allowed by the rules.

He refused. Two major conclusions. First one – 10 years of airsoft were not enough for me to learn grenades throwing. Second one – it’s better not to use light cardboard grenades in thick woods. They bounce off the foliage.

Sponsor advertisement – They seem pushed from the riverside. There’s a group there, watch out. – Here comes artillery… – Friendly! The enemy is smart enough to understand we are winning now. So all the forces are trying to surround and push us out from here.

– Are you okay? – Yes! – Got one. Unfortunately, my zoom camera is dead now, so the video is from my forehead action cam only. – They’re close! – Guys, they’re really close! – Get ready for attack! They deployed a smoke! The wind is not in our favour, the smoke quickly fills our building.

– More smoke! – They want to smoke us out! Well it seems to be the truth. Using smoke indoors is forbidden, but throwing it under the windows is not. Exactly the case. – That’s close. – Grenade! So for 15-20 minutes the enemy used all the smoke and grenades they had.

But they didn’t even try to push us once. – Smoke under the window! Damn it.. – We will suffocate here… – I can’t handle this, I need to go out. – Getting out. – The room is totally fu##ed. I was feeling really dizzy so I went outside.

– Friendly! – Friendly. – I’m down! Yeah, I did not expect to be attacked from my six. It appears while we were coughing the smoke up the enemy managed to capture the lab and surround us. The enemy mortar keeps working non-stop and the almost cut the factory from the dead zone.

Will have to fight my way there. – There he is. – Behind the tree? – I’m down. I’m down! – Minus! – You got avenged! I barely managed to get to the factory. The situation there is grim. A bit of strategic analytics coming next.

This is the factory. Defending it means victory. It almost got fully surrounded and we’re desperately lacking people there. Most of our forces are trying to storm the lab which we need for… NOTHING! They should’ve try and get to the factory using riverbed instead.

Meanwhile the enemy is getting closer and closer taking us out one by one. – Marty! – Yes? – There seems to be enemy at the corner. – Cover me! Some enemy operatives are already at the corner of our building, we have to nade them out.

– I’m here. – Okay, “friendlies, they say! Don’t shoot, they say!” Bull##it! – Good job! – I’m down! – At our six! – Grenade! – It’s a smoke. – Holy sh… Is that “Corsair 8”?! – I’m down! – Maniacs.

.. – Grenade! We managed to hold the factory more than half an hour. But then we lost, because got smoked out of the factory. Couldn’t take it back anymore. Well that was expected – totally surrounded, no reinforcements.

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