So… Let’s start! General sponsor Planet of airsoft StrikeArt Game pyrotechnics Babahi Airsoft pyrotechnics Airsoft Sports Hi everyone, I’m Evgenivich Today will be a knee pads review Evgenivich, are you crazy? What do you plan to review? Yes, I agree Knee pads seems to be the banal thing And you won’t say anything special about it Especially in the era of combat pants With knee pads already integrated But let’s deal Integrated knee pads are very comfortable thing Especially for long wearing But it needs to understand That they are made To make you feel softer and more comfortable Standing knee-deep on concrete chips Or pieces of brick Or for not to tear the pants fabric and not to cut the knee With broken glass or construction debris But if you need the shock protection So that the integrated knees don’t cope with it as good as need An integrated knee pad cup material And an absorbing layer underneath They are usually very thin And when falling to the knee Such protection may not protect you from injury To protect the joints from shock loads It will be more correct to use separate knee pads They can lose in wearing comfort But seriously win in joint protection Today we take a look at a good option of knee pads Namely, at the relatively new model CONTOUR-360 VIBRAM by American company ALTA These knee pads were given us for the review by Airsoft Store Conditionally the knee pad is made of two parts Bottom – with rubber pad and shock absorbing pad The upper part – with rubber mount on the leg The upper part is separated from the main rubberized insert What provides excellent design flexibility And knee density If easier The knee pad doesn’t slip when bending the knee The lower part has a rubber cup with a pronounced tread This solution allows better shock absorption And glide less When the knee pad is on any surface Such as on the ground or on concrete Under the polymer cup is the main part of the knee pad With a shock absorbing pad The outer side is made of the original cordura The inner lining is made of soft, perspiring fabric For comfortable wearing The most interesting is inside This is a layer of shock absorption foam Which softens bumps and protects the knee joint The rubber cup was created by Italian company VIBRAM It is a leading global manufacturer of soles For the military and sports shoes And these guys know a lot about softening loads Knee pads are fixed on the leg with slings 40 mm wide The slings are adjustable in length For running under the volume of the leg The upper sling is elastic and rubberized So it doesn’t slip on the leg Brand mount – Alta Lock Very simple and comfortable Unlike various Chinese knee pads Th hook is made of steel And able to withstand decent loads Buckle made of durable polymer Having walked in the knee pads for several hours I can say that They fit really comfortable and don’t interfere with movement However, they don’t slide either up or down At least with regular use Cup material allows you to securely fix the knee on the surface This is plus and minus It depends on how to use them If you are a speedsofter Who will plan to do a tackle in CQB This will be a minus for you If you need the protection And you want to eliminate the chance of slipping while falling on your knee This is exactly plus And now a few tests To begin with we will check How knee pads absorb shock A few falls on one and both knees On concrete and ice A few knees hit the wall A few falls with a slip As stated They perfectly absorb shock Let’s check what will happen If you fall on your knees on pieces of ice You can crush ice calmly without any problems No discomfort And what will happen If you kneel on the fragments of bricks and glass No problems Glass and bricks crumble No load on the knee is felt And if I fall? The same No problems I don’t know for what But If you really want Then you can easily squeeze lamps with your knee See for yourself Let’s move on to more meaningless and merciless tests Tie a pair of airsoft grenades to the knee pads And initiate No damage Impact from the explosion is almost not felt Let’s increase the loads Tie the knee pad to the cast iron weight And check whether it can withstand obviously excessive loads We will throw, of course, not on a flat floor And on the fragments of bricks and glass From outside the knee pad withstood Mount also in place Initially, it seemed to me that The inner surface of the knee pad pierced from the outside of the tread But looking at the weight from below Everything fell into place Damage to the inside was caused by a metal rib With this, the knee pad is still whole More cruel test To begin with Leave the knee pad in the snow for 30 minutes So that it freezes Then we get it And to the utmost we will hammer it Outer part is without any damage The inside part is crushed on concrete I doubt, of course, that With such blows the knee pad could fully protect the knee But the inside part would likely remain intact Now check the strength of the mounts To do this, I attached a knee pad to the metal ladder at both ends And tried to do chin-ups My weight is 82 kg And the mounts of the knee pads, as you see, have coped Toughen the test And will try to do the same But using one of the mounts The mount itself remained intact But the fabric at this angle could no longer withstand And torn I think it was very clear And there is no doubt that The knee pads have an excess margin of safety And they do their job well Summing up, we can say that This model of knee pads is truly comfortable Although slightly inferior in the comfort of wearing the knee pads integrated into the pants Do you need such a separate knee protection? Or integrated is enough Everyone decides for yourself But those who have ever injured their knees Are more likely to say what they need I remined that You can buy these knee pads at AirsoftStore The link I left in the description As usual I suggest to discuss video in the comments Put your confident thumbs up Subscribe to the channel Press the bell See you soon!


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