Sponsored advertisement Sponsored by AirSoft-RUS – To Stalingrad! Go! – Let’s go! Hello Everyone, this is Marty. Today we have a dynamic bandit gameplay, because playing the bank robbery! The objectives are the following: we capture the cinema where we get the safe code combination, then go to the bank.

Next we need to crack the safe, put the money into suitcase, then get the package to the cafe building where we need to hold it for 15 minutes in order to win. *Radio* – The sniper is in the field, near the poplars.

– Got it. The entrance is on the left. Rush to the corner! We decided to capture the cafe first, where we need to hold up in the end. We don’t want to mess with it later with money on our hands. – Hold it.

– Okay, guys! We’re covering, you can go now! – Suppressing! – Where? – Behind the metal sheet. – Oh, the mag! – Who lost it? – Watch out for the sniper, right side! – I’m going! – What is it? – I’m dead.

– He’s down! – Got it. The first objective is done. I transfer the code via radio so everyone can use it to open the safe. – Two managed to fall back. To the poplars. – I see. – I got one! There’s nothing else to do here, I’m moving to storm the bank.

The bank is just across the field, 30 meters ahead. It’s hard to storm it, especially considering grenades are forbidden at this facility. – Any friendlies there? – No. I cleared one at the entrance. – Holding the corridor! – Go.

– Got one! – The left room is clear! – Let’s move! – I confirm, it’s clear. – The left side is clear. With some effort we managed to hold up at the edge of the building. I’m calling our troops closer.

– Blue, get over here! – Hold your fire, friendlies inside! – I got one in the bushes. Our team managed to find the safe. Now they need a code to open it. – 25 03 2014! – Right here, diagonally. – Do you have that window covered? – Just a moment! We need to wait for the person with the bag to get the money.

Meanwhile the enemy side is trying to get the building back. – I got one. – One is down in that room. – Get the bag over here! – Cover the bag carrier! – Turn the right and get the money! I’m telling everyone who’s free to go to Stalingrad.

That’s the codename for the building we need to bring money to. – Is the money loaded? Get to the street, I will cover you on our way to Stalingrad! – Run! Quick! – To Stalingrad! Go! – Defend the money everyone! – Guys, meet as at Stalingrad! We have the bag with us.

– Friendly! – Guys! – Blue team! – Nobody here. Just drop the bag! And get yourself over there! I’m covering! It turned out we only had one man with a shotgun defending the building. If enemy team was savvy enough to take it over, we would be dead.

It’s really hard to storm this one. The rest of our team arrived just couple minutes later. The enemy team started to push us massively. – Where is it? – Behind the tree! – Enemy group! – Large group approaching! The enemy team has couple good snipers, so I can stick my head to the window just briefly now.

One sniper down, but not for long. The dead zone is nearby. – Contact behind the poplar! – 20 meter to the right, behind the poplar! – One minute! Just about time my zoom camera died. – I got one more! – There’s sniper behind the poplars! 50 meters! – The time is out! – Is that all? We won, guys! – Victory, guys! That fabulous victory was achieved by our teamwork! I think that deserves a like and also subscribe to my channel! There’s a lot of interesting videos on my channel and useful links below.

Check them out! Good luck everyone.


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