There HPA: Proteus 3 Energy: ~1.5 J BBs: 0.30 AimTop On chron: ~101 m/s Distance: 90m Hit! General sponsor Planet of airsoft StrikeArt Game pyrotechnics Babahi Airsoft pyrotechnics Airsoft Sports Hi everyone, I’m Evgenivich You’re on Red Army Airsoft channel And this is the continuation of the rubric about airsoft guns That we ourselves use Last time I talked about the thorny way of creating the PKP Bullpup And because this format was loved by you There definitely should be a rubric Today I will talk about my own HPA rifle On the base of Proteus 3 With which I played most of last season 2019 season So that you understand Why I wanted such a gun I’ll start with the background A couple of years ago Inspired by the video on YouTube I tried to try myself as a sniper or a marksman But, thank God, I confessed to myself in time That I really didn’t like all this sniping And more than that And, as for me, it seemed boring to play this role Actually in airsoft, I like team play And the role of an ordinary assaulter That is, it is an assault on buildings A linear battle And the tactics of small groups in the forest with active maneuvers I often shoot bursts And use a lot of different pyrotechnics The practice of playing the role of assaulter has shown That the ability to shoot at an enemy from less than 10 meters Is of great importance And as a result The maximum allowable tuning That the assaulter can afford Is 120-125 m/s, 0.

2 BBs Or 1.45 J At the same time, I really want This 120 tuning in terms of range and accuracy To not lose to most 150 tuning As a result, the terms of reference That I put in front of the MCustoms workshop Sounded something like this Using tuning up to 1.

45 J Using BBs 0.3-0.32 gr Barrel must be no longer than 360 mm Cylinder is in the buttstock Without hoses In terms of range and accuracy I need a sure hit in a person at a distance of 70 meters And it is important That all this are without nanotechnology O-rings in hop-up and other subtle matters That can be accidentally ruined During independent maintenance or in a sloppy game After some time, by MСustoms Turned out the following assembly The Proteus 3 HPA system is used as base From the April batch with factory grinding Hop-up is standard ProWin But which was chosen from a dozen hop-ups with a measuring tool So that the hole tolerances and internal geometry corresponded to certain parameters In the hop-up, LEDs were installed To illuminate the tracer BBs The illumination is controlled electronically by Proteus 3 Barrel – Prometheus, 360mm lenght Inner diameter – 6.

03mm Steel, with a slightly modified window For the best hop-up operation Rubber is common Maple Leaf Macaroon Custom press by MCustoms The walls of the gearbox and the upper and lower receiver – Retro Arms This choice was due to the lightness and monolithic design Not without adjusting the alignment And carefully fitting the parts to each other The season of games showed That the decision with the body by Retro Arms is difficult to overestimate This season I seriously fell 2 times So that the rifle flew in an unknown direction For the first time on the Front Line Into the night phase I fell into a small hole Breaking a knee protection with a piece of chopped wood And injuring my leg The second time, I fell again at Zarya “Decisive Blow” near Chebarkul I fell in a growth trench into the night phase Each time, the rifle was seriously hit But remained intact And the main – without losing functionality Buttstock-cylinder by HPA System Gen 2 Regulator is standard by RedLine SFR But with a needle by MCustoms In terms of ergonomics, this buttstock is very similar to the standard M’s Crane Stock But a little longer The strength of the buttstock, as you know I also unfortunately tested, when fell It is good Nothing broke The cylinder is not broken either 11.

1V battery, 800mh Is located in the buttstock The manufacturer claimed That such a battery is enough for more than 15 000 shots In fact 20% of the battery charge Is enough for more than 4 000 shots With a working tracer illumination of BBs Looking ahead, I’ll say That I completely forgot that there is a battery For all the time of use I charged it only a couple of times Cylinder is composite Phoenix 0.

45 l Such a balloon refueling for 3.5 bar Is enough for more than 2 000 shots With an energy of 1.45 J And this is more than enough For most games Even taking into account the fact that I often shoot in bursts The very first adjustment fire With setting up hop-up and collimator We were lucky to make in a warm, dry room 90 meters long Without wind and rain Unfortunately, this was the only time We managed to obtain such conditions for adjustment fire And, thank God, we filmed this process From annoying The zoom camera RunCam 4 constantly cut off And was in a hang state And I don’t have shots from the camera on the barrel Adjustment fire was with AimTop BBs weighing 0.

30g Muzzle energy turned out to be about 1.5 J HPA: Proteus 3 Energy: ~1.5 J BBs: 0.30 AimTop On chron: ~101 m/s Distance: 50m From 50 meters If you have enough personal skill and correctly set up the sight You can confidently hit a plate The size of a little less than a person’s head Approximately 15 cm HPA: Proteus 3 Energy: ~1.

5 J BBs: 0.30 AimTop On chron: ~101 m/s Distance: 70m At 70 meters The assembly allows you to confidently hit a growth or even chest target But it is worth noting that The accuracy starts to rest even more on the skill of the shooter And sights As you have noticed The adjustment fire occurred with the collimator Because it was with this collimator That I planned to play Practice of the season of the game showed That the point of my collimator is large And for a more comfortable shooting It is worth splurging on a better sight After shooting at 70 m For the sake of interest only We decided to find out the range limit for this assembly It turned out that At 80 meters you can also hit the growth target But of course BBs flies a little longer HPA: Proteus 3 Energy: ~1.

5 J BBs: 0.30 AimTop On chron: ~101 m/s Distance: 80m Are BBs flying in a bunch or not? They fly heap, scatter like this turns out I shoot there There For the sake of the fan Not expecting much success We decided to shoot at a distance of 90 m As it turned out, if you slightly twist the hop-up By adding a dive of about a meter and a half At this distance you can also hit a person in bursts HPA: Proteus 3 Energy: ~1.

5 J BBs: 0.30 AimTop On chron: ~101 m/s Distance: 90m Where did it go? Right? There Yes!!! Hit! Hit! With 1.5 J and these BBs I think this is the limit And you can’t exactly call working such a distance Because BBs reaches 90m only with a noticeable dive Or removal of an aimpoint one meter up Correction in general had to be done on a live target on the radio set Because practically nothing is visible at this distance 90m is 90m 90 m, 1.

5 J this is a very gentle stroking on the back Before the season, I changed my camera to RunCam Which have identical problems Which ruined me all kinds of gameplay and adjustment fire During the season, there was no time to deal with it But in the autumn On the advice of Andrey Poet I finalized it eliminating battery play And completely rewired it If you also have problems with these cameras I left a link to a video on this topic in the tips For the season, I played with this assembly several games With different conditions Among which there were such difficult projects as Balaclava 825 And Front Line 2019 At these games I gave several times to shoot from my rifle To everyone Who wanted to see “how it flies” If you were among those who shot You can share your impressions in the comments And if you meet me at games with this rifle Feel free to ask to shoot I do not mind Before training Our team has a tradition of Adjustment fire at each other Just at such a training, in autumn After RunCam repairing I shot a few live shots of How the assembly behaves after several games without maintenance Weak crosswind, Distance – 50 m, 1.

4 J, 0.3 BBs Medium crosswind, Distance – 70 m, 1.4 J, 0.3 BBs The wind is very strong As you can see The assembly carry itself in a certain way And it is still possible to hit a person from it at 70 meters And it’s still 1.

5 J Distance – 70 m, 1.4 J, 0.3 BBs Distance – 75 m, 1.4 J, 0.3 BBs Distance – 50 m, 1.4 J, 0.3 BBs Despite the fact that MCustoms succeeded in fulfilling the terms of reference And my 120 tuning isn’t inferior in range and accuracy to most 150 tuning Unfortunately I can’t call the resulting assembly An excellent option for an assaulter As planned Although the rifle is light Only 3.

5 kg It is unnecessarily long and cumbersome For active operations at short distances and in CQB First of all, because of the long buttstock for me and my purposes And still an excessively long barrel And in fact The whole season I continued to play the role of a marksman at extreme distances Who shot bursts From a rifle with an energy of 1.

4 J Are you kidding? Realizing that I still shoot 90% of the time at 70-80 m On the last day of the game Zarya “Decisive Blow” I installed optics on the rifle And increased the energy of the rifle to 2.

2 J That is, I also made of it a rifle with 150 tuning And … the assembly began to sparkle with new colors The rifle began to hit even a little further And noticeably more persistently Unfortunately right now I can’t back it up with some kind of video But in the future I’ll definitely do it A few words about the tracer illumination of BBs Initially, I was skeptical about the idea of ​​tracer illumination in hop-up Because before that Not a single hop-up with tracer illumination That I saw Gave the same illumination as Tracer nozzles on the barrel by Xcortech Or by Acetech Moreover, all the working implementations of the hop-up tracer illumination That I saw Were with constantly glowing LEDs Which created an additional battery consumption But the implementation of tracer illumination by MCustoms Under the control of electronics by Proteus 3 Turned out to be very, very suitable Firstly, the Proteus 3 electronics fully controls the moment of the shot And the BBs are illuminated by a pulse flash Exactly at the moment when it is needed Secondly BBs illumination is exactly the same as the brightest tracer nozzles by Xcortech and Acetech You can evaluate for yourself Proteus 3 hop-up illumination & Tracer nozzle Xcortech As an experiment We fastened a tracer nozzle on the barrel On my gun with tracer illumination hop-up The brightness of the illumination didn’t increase Which means that The Xcortech tracer nozzle And the MCustoms illumination hop-up Illuminate BBs as much As BBs can receive light at all And finally I want to note a few assembly features That I personally really like Firstly, this is a wonderful trigger As you know, the Proteus trigger is implemented using magnetic sensors As a result, we can confidently say That this is the most pleasant and soft trigger That exists in airsoft guns Secondly It is the ability to adjust and test the system Using the application on the smartphone If you are like me stupid and not good at nuances A successful recipe for settings can always be asked More intelligent colleagues From the Telegram of the Proteus 3 users channel The link to the channel I left in the description And how to set the required rate of fire Or turn on/turn off the illumination of tracers through the application Anyone can figure it out Even me Also, a useful feature of the application is The ability to make settings profiles For example, you can make a separate profile Where there will be a single fire and the tracer is turned off Or make a couple of different profiles With different rates of fire Etc.

The resulting assembly Has the lowest air consumption That I personally saw This is a huge plus And it allows you to safely use small cylinders in the buttstock As I said A small 0.45 l cylinder Was enough for more than 2 000 shots Battery consumption has also become very low 11.

1V battery at 800mh In fact was enough for almost 20 000 shots With working tracer illumination Some plans for the future Firstly, before the new season, I plan to do the maintenance all the same And finally clean the barrel and hop-up I know that this should be done more often But I’m not the most attentive user Also I plan To install optics And leave this assembly at 2.

2 J For this particular gun with its form factor This is the most working energy Although the gun itself is quite quiet I want to make it even quieter Therefore, I plan to put here a silent set for Proteus And a silencer by ICS I also really look forward to the updated buttstock With the built-in switch Gran by Proteus manufacturer The new buttstock is more compact Thinner and shorter And this is exactly what I missed in this assembly And like most I’m waiting for the Laser hop-up But as you know, nothing will happen I hope you were interested in my story If you want a similar video about our other guns Be sure to write about it in the comments And that’s all for me With you was Evgenivich Don’t forget to put your confident thumb up Subscribe to the channel Press the bell See you soon! Thanks! Evgenivich, hi! Take the gun! Sanyaaa Hi! Hold him! Strong, separate, independent! No need to hold him! He never even died


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