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Мой новый комплект оружия, одежды, снаряжения в A-TACS FG // My new gear

Мой новый комплект оружия, одежды, снаряжения в A-TACS FG // My new gear

Hello Everyone, this is Marty and this video is dedicated to review of my new equipment. Weaponry. My new AEG is G&G Wildhog series which I already reviewed in detail on my channel. Please check the link in the description.

Just couple words about attachments. The scope is Aimpoint collimator sight replica There is custom-built zoom camera on the handguard. It’s made from camera of quadrocopter Foxeer Legend 1 with 35mm lens attached.

The case and protective blend are 3D printed. Behind that is a small powerbank for zoom camera. The silencer has GoPro Hero 4 Black action camera attached via custom 3D printed clamp. Footwear. I’ve been using Garsing Alligator tracking boots for three years.

This is replica of popular Lowa Zephyr model. These are twice as cheap but are not waterproof and quickly get wet in the rain. I’ve used them summer and winter on casual walks, hiking, and of course airsoft.

I’m pretty satisfied with them and not going to switch so far. Original Lowa Zephyr are better no doubts, but these ones are cheaper and I already got them so I’m good so far. Clothes Before I describe my clothes – I want to tell you why I chose A-TACS FG camo.

On the one hand, I decided to use M-series AEG so Russian camo is not a good option aesthetically. On the other hand, Multicam is really widespread now, everyone would use that and it’s kinda too common.

A-TACS FG being quire popular is still not that common. It’s American commercial camo, so wearing this outright means “Dark Side” (the way to call NATO and allies teams in Russian airsoft). At the same time, official US enforcement do not use this camo often, it’s even favored by some Russian special forces.

So if I take AK-series I can even look like I’m kinda modelling some kind of special forces of Russia. There is also another important thing – foliage. This camo is ideal around the year in Krsanodar region where I live.

I’m using GROM (“Thunder”) A-TACS FG camo suit from Russian “BARS” company. There is a link to my review of that in the description. For two months of using that suit I have positive only feedback on this.

It’s perfect suit especially for its price. The only advantage I (and some other users) could find is really high waist of pants. Whenever the belt goes down a bit the cronch is also down and prevents you from raising your legs in case you need to jump over some obstacle.

Some users already started modifying these pants for lower waist, but manufacturer says it will be fixed with new models coming. I also have to say that integrated knee-pad saved my leg during my fall in the concrete drain on my previous game and prevented hard knee trauma.

Thanks to it I only have a bruise even though I’m still a bit limping after 1.5 weeks. I also plan to expand my A-TACS FG items collection, specifically I’m waiting for combat shirt from “Giena Tactics” to arrive.

The heat is coming to Krasnodar so it’s right about time. Protection The helmet is Ops-Core replica from no-name Chinese manufacturer. The cover is Gear Craft The action camera is Garmin Virb XE which I’ve been using for the last two years.

You can find the review on my channel. The rear side has pouch attached for camera power bank. During nice weather I usually wear replica of Revision Locust goggles. Keep in mind though, they need maximum ventilation so you will have to tear the insulation off.

Nevertheless, whenever it rains these goggles or any similar model will get hazy in no time. So I would recommend some glasses instead for better ventilation. ESS Eyes is a good option. I also use Kingrin mask and attach it to helmet via default clamps.

I use Casio original G-Shock watch. Three years ago I made review video on it. Original Mechanix gloves. This model is good for summer. Equipment I use Russian “Wartech” equipment. They provided me with free choice of models so I created few sets for different situations and scenarios.

Since there is detailed description of each model on manufacturer’s website (in the description), I’m not going to make review on each item. I’m just going to provide general feedback on pros and cons of this equipment together with some recommendations.

Urban Outfit. This set consists of “LBS” (“Legkaya Brone-Systema”) plate carrier and tactical bet, or so-called “war belt”. I have 1-point sling integrated to plate carrier. This is really comfortable to use and frees your neck from additional weight.

You can also quickly detach your weapon using fastex. Inside my plate carrier there is a dummy plate from “Techinkom” company which I think is the best option to replace “Granit” armor plates. Do not use plate carrier empty or stuffed with foam.

I guarantee you will be satisfied with good weight of this dummy and additional cardio even with lightened dummy version. Initially I used my war belt with shoulder straps but there are not really comfortable so I just tight the belt up and its okay.

This way you can quickly put it off/on when you’re having a break. And it’s also really useful to reach rear pouches by sliding the belt. I find this set really useful for urban scenarios/facilities or urban firefight.

My plate carrier does not have any additional pouches, I simply use integrated pocket for three mags. This way you keep your profile thin and can crawl in prone position freely which is important for me.

I have three mags in my plate carrier and two FastMags on my belt. I have two smaller utility pouches on my sides for assorted stuff – BBs, batteries, grenades, some other things. This configuration allows for quick drawing of mags from FastMag on my belt, nothing is in the way.

The war belt from Wartech is my favorite among all models I’ve seen. I also have another war belt for sniper outfit. It’s soft, well fitting and perfect for the set. I have it in my other video regarding sniper outfit.

First of all this war belt is soft and well-fitting. Dump pouch can be attached to the belt itself keeping MOLLE straps free. Be the way MOLLE straps on this belt are not original, you can see the difference here.

They are worse in quality and glossy. Still I like the pattern better than original A-TACS MOLLE. I have dump pouch, two pouches for pistol clips with loaders which I keep loaded at all times for emergencies.

Two grenade pouches with TAG-67 grenades from TAG Innovation. My favorite ones, thanks to sponsor who keeps sending them. Next is horizontal utility pouch. I detached map compartment from it and use it for pocket knife, duct tape, spare batteries, atni-fog.

Next is two FastMags. If I use plate carrier I hold two magazines here. In case I use chest-rig for 8 magazines FastMags can be used for R2BS grenades from TAG Innovation or similar grenades like smoke.

Some people say FastMags are not so handy due to their softness, they tend to deform and it’s hard to put the mag back in. I think it’s advantage because you can use it as versatile pouch for grenades or similar equipment.

This belt also has its cons. Like long adjustment strap as shown here. I had to bend it twice in order to adjust so I would recommend manufacturer to move velcro 5-8 cm so this belt can also be used by skinny people like me.

I would recommend to wear pants belt over your jacket, otherwise the jacket eventually starts to slip above the war belt which is neither comfortable nor good-looking. Field outfit. The second outfit is for field operations or raids.

The war belt is the same but I use MK3 chest rig instead of plate carrier. Experienced airsoft players might know this is an updated replica version of MK2 chest rig from Tasmanian Tiger adapted for AK magazines.

The pouches are more wide and deep for AK magazines of both 5.45 and 7.62 calibers. The chest rig is really capacious. Pouches for 8 mags plus large side pouches for anything you might need. Additionally you can strap the line of grenade pouches or horizontal utility pouches to make it even bigger.

You can even strap more pouches on the sides for radio or grenades but I don’t need all that since I use my war belt. I don’t like having 2 or more layers of pouches since I like to prone and crawl and my profile should be as low as possible in this case.

I played the last game using this chest rig. I folded admin panel down and tried to adjust the rig as high as possible. Unfortunately, the adjustment straps are too long so even if you adjust them to shortest possible positions it is still not enough.

I’m not that tall, around 173 cm. So together with war belt this chest rig sometimes gets in the way. I would wear it even higher. If you are shorter than I you will have problems using this rig together with war belt.

The chest rig is really spacious, side pouch easily holds 5 grenades. So you can stack up tons of grenades. The con of this chest rig is being adapted for AK-series it’s not that handy to use with M-series magazines as opposed to original MK2 from Tasmanian Tiger.

If you use it with M4/M16 magazines they fall too deep into the pouches and due to short velcro you will not be able to close it tightly. I use foam and duct tape to make pouches shallower. As you can see it works well with M4/M16 mags now.

It would be good if manufacturer could increase velcro size by two MOLLE straps here so the pouch can be closed firmly whatever you put inside. You can close two side flaps due to chevron velcro straps.

Would be good to extend this velcro to other pouches as well. If you cannot use this chest rig together with war belt due to your height, there is another option. You can take war belt off and use a combo of fanny pack and dump pouch in case you need it.

The fanny pack can be loaded with small stuff like smartphone, id, batteries, multi-tool etc. This option is good for those who like to attach even more pouches to chest rig. This way you will have everything on hand and some additional stuff can be loaded into backpack.

The same fanny pack in tan I usually use when I go out, it’s spacious and handy. Thу chest rig is especially good together with backpack. You can use backpack to hold warm clothes, additional ammo for longer raids.

This one-day “Berkut” (“golden eagle”) backpack is designed together with special forces specialists as all other equipment from Wartech. You can add more pouches on any side as well as your patch. I don’t need that much so far.

Power bank and cables are held in this small pocket. You can fully open it thanks to handy zippers. Inside I hold a medkit, water, additional BBs, grenades. You can also take food and clothes as well.

I’m overall pleased with this Wartech equipment. The quality is great but some elements still require improvement and the company is working on that. There is also poor assortment, for example there are no small chest rigs even though I would need one.

The manufacturer promised to send me some new test models so keep tuned to my channel. I hope you found this video and all the links in the description useful. Like this video, subscribe to my channel and Instagram.

Good luck everyone!


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