Sponsor advertisement Sponsored by AirSoft-RUS – Grenade! Thanks to our sponsors! Hello Everyone, this is Marty with a new gameplay called “The March Thunder”. This is my first big game of the season, with more than 300 people.

And there will be thunder! There are two sides in the game. West side (blue team) and East side (yellow team). I’m playing for yellow. There are few control points between the opposing sides, with the main point in the middle.

All the fight will be related to those points. – It’s started, let’s move! The start was really sudden and most players were just confused and didn’t make a head start to control points, which is our main starting goal.

– The main point is secure, placing our flag! – Got it! Despite slow start our forward teams managed to get all the checkpoints including the central one, which gives the most score. By that time blue team decided to push our centre using manpower advantage and flank our south in addition to that.

Since the opposing team is not rushing the central point head on, I’m moving to our left flank to help repel enemy attack there. – They’re moving through the cattails, left side! – Got one! – We got all three of them.

– Good job. – Shit, I swear I did hit him. – They’re gone. – I see one standing! The enemy attack on our left flank is repelled and I’m moving to the cowhouse to help my teammates hold enemy push there.

– Shoot from the other side as well, don’t you just stand there! – They’re coming! Shoot em! – They’re trying to flank right side, move! – Push their left while they’re flanking! – Watch your legs! – Damn.

– Go! – Okay, I’m on it! – The roof? – Careful guys, the looks like a machinegun. – It’s from the window! – Watch the windows, right side! – The window to your right, in the cattails! – Around 20 meters behind the window! – 90 degrees, under that tree! 20 meters! The enemy managed to push us out of the cowhouse completely.

We’re running to take it back. – Come on! – Missed by just a bit! – How far? – I didn’t even see. – Move it, fire in the hole. – How far? How many meters? No success this time. But we can try again! – Shooting at us.

– Friendlies here. – They’re behind the pallets, over there. – Did I get them? – Cover the entrance, don’t let them peek! – We got him, we can push up! – Cover here! – Cover me, keep shooting there! – Give me direction! – I got a lot of these! – Keep shooting! – Clear so far.

– Where was he? – The pallets. – The shield deployed. The shield deployed, move it guys! – Damnit! – The shack is clear! – The right wall, took them out! – Grenade! – Grenade! – Behind the wall. – Grenade!! – I was not hurt.

– Grenade! – Gimme a break!! – We’re down. Both of us. This cowhouse is a tough spot, they managed to push us all out again. But they never captured the point nearby, so I decided to switch to central direction.

The blue team is located along the left side of the trench, our guys are on the right side. In the middle we have one of the points with our flag since the start of the game. – Loos like a sniper over here.

– Sniper behind the cover! On the right side there’s a screen, he’s right behind that screen. Organizers have set some mines behind the central point. And got them detonated. – Move it! – I got explosion! – That’s a hell of a blast! The central point now has explosive device which we need to disarm in order to win the game.

Bomb squad is heading to the device, while we’re providing a covering. – Cover our guys, suppressing fire! *Radio: “There’s a guy with an “Army” callsign. Make him disarm that thing!” – We’re losing people! – Damn it, I think they’re all down.

The whole bomb unit was wiped out by precise grenade launch. I decided to rush down there to cover second bomb squad we have. – Guys, cover me I’m going down there. Need more people, come on! – Cover me! – I’ll throw grenade.

– Where? -They’re throwing nades from there. – Cover me, I’ll nade them too! – Cover me, come on! – Got him! – I got them, proceed with disarming now! – Let me come closer, I will nade them. – I hope it hit them.

– Got another one on the roof! – Good job! – Contact! – I think I got him, – Got them! Good job! Just about time the announcement came that our team successfully disarmed the device and won the game. – That guy is lucky, he just guessed one of the circuits! – Good for him! – What a lucky bomb specialist you have there! I hope you enjoyed the video.

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