Sponsored by AirSoft-RUS – I’m down! – Gotta be kidding.. Hello Everyone, this is Marty with a gameplay from “Invasion” airsoft game hosted by Krasnodar airsoft club called “Tracer”. – We need to hold off that defence line over here.

I came to this game as a loner but then joined the “Bastion” team from Stavropol during the intro briefing. I will be sticking around them through the whole game. – Okay, let’s go! – Move it! Some briefing for you as well, while we are running.

We’re playing blue team and our HQ is on the north side. The facility has 5 control points marked with flags. Opposing teams have to capture and hold as meay of them as long as possible. – You dropped the smoke! – Minus one! Our team has objective – take control over the nearest flag.

We’re pushing through the cow houses to get there. Radio: *Attention blue team, we’ve taken control over the fourth hangar* Radio: *HQ, do you copy?* Radio: *Is hangar 4 ours or not?* Radio: *I cannot talk now* – Shit.

– They’re flanking our left! – The yellow team is flanking this hangar from the left. Move out to cut them off! Radio: *Assistance needed, they’re pushing our left in hangar 4!* – I’ve just seen one over there.

– Let me cross here. – Contact where? – Across? Got it. – Windows… . – Shit.. Our team is eliminated with a grenade. The enemy team is holding this area really tough, so we decide to fall back and try to flank them from the east.

– So do we move? – So what do we do, guys? – Let’s cross here over to those bushes! – Oh shit! We’re under fire from the hangar! – Get down! – The’re shooting from the hangar on our right! – We need to suppress the hangar.

– I’ll crawl back and to the right so I can get a clear shot. While our team is pushing the nearest building, I decided to go out and try to storm the hangar with the flag alone. – Bastion, I’m near the hangar 4, I’m near the hangar 4, come over here, do you copy?! – Get to the entrance, we have friendlies on the roof! Me teammate approaches to push the button that will register our control over the flag.

I’m covering him. – Did you push it? – Yep. – I’m coming, cover me. – This is the message to everyone, the hangar 4 is ours, everyone on the left flank please join us to defend it. Radio: *Is the button pushed?* – I confirm.

We need reinforcements to defend it! And they better come help us faster. The enemy will soon throw significant forces to take this flag back. Looks like they’re pushing us our with artillery. No surprise.

They have a lot of grenade launchers, and this point is important enough to use them. Sponsor advertisement The enemy have already started accumulating forces in the nearby building. – There’s a crowd of them.

– Got one! – Have you seen that? I managed to take bunch of them with a grenade! – Watch out. – Got him. – Under the windows? – Yes. – Not directly, a bit further. – They’re down. – By the entrance! – Getting grenade ready.

– You got him! – Reinforcements, they got reinforcements. While we were holding this place, the enemy managed to surround us. The situation was tricky, so I decided to fall back and try to flank them.

– Bastion, this is Marty. Please provide cover, I’m going to cross to the Skeleton. Radio: *We can only cover front part, we’re pinned here.* – Okay, here I go. Honestly, this happens to me for the first time.

The selfie-camera mount torn off from picatinny rail. But at least I didn’t lose the camera itself. Radio: *Marty, are you through?* – I am. Now just scare them from time to time, I will crawl to the corner.

Radio: *Roger that* – I’m down! Even though my “operation” didn’t really work, we managed to hold that point till the end of the game. After arriving from the dead zone our team get’s the next objective.

Move further to the east and capture another point. – Through the bushes! The enemy group is sitting right in from the entrance. I suggest to throw grenades and rush at the same time to at least suppress them.

– Let’s do this. – Counting down. On three, two, one.. Grenade! Go! – We pushed through! Don’t just stand there, move! Move! We managed to get… one enemy. Didn’t find anyone else. – What’s in the building? Clear? – Watch out, there’s a pit.

– We need to take the ruins. In order to move further we need to take the ruins first. The ones I got killed in last time. I decided to launch grenade there first. – We can try to approach.. OH, I’M DOWN! The situation is common.

We didn’t check everything properly and missed one ninja behind us. He unloaded half magazine at my ass. – You ass hurts? – Yeah. And my back as well. Enemy attacks got weaker and we got ordered to move and take the next building.

And then storm the enemy base. – Behind the column. I will cover. – In the window, right side! – Here they are! – I got em! – Got one! Grenade launcher down! We have finally managed to get through the hangar.

We are ready to storm the next enemy line. – Got him! Minus one. – Get to the corner, I will cover you! – I’m down! The best part is get the swarm of BBs to your face right before the game ends. But anyways I’m happy that our team has won the game by a great margin.

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