General sponsor StrikeArt Game pyrotechnics Airsoft Sports Babahi Airsoft pyrotechnics Planet of airsoft Cifra We make games Hi everyone, I’m Evgenivich You’re on the Red Army Airsoft channel And this is the continuation of the rubric In which we make airsoft loadouts Based on some particular manufacturer This time it will be A new Russian equipment manufacturer from Yekaterinburg Viking Gear Because Viking Gear is new to the market And ready to experiment We will solve a rather interesting problem The task sounds like this Assemble a universal lightweight loadout of an assaulter-entertainer Which would be suitable for both daily games And CQB shooters on a closed testing areas At the same time This loadout should be suitable for use with different rifles Or example, for forest games we will take An AK or M4 carbine And for CQB shooters We will use a compact SBR with magazines like the MP5 Personally, I have assembled several loadouts for different rifles With different sets of pouches But what if we don’t want to buy several loadouts But want to have one universal one This is also possible And it may be even more convenient And, what is the most important, cheaper For 90% of daily games we need Rifle and 6-8 magazines for it A pistol with a magazine to it BBs package Loader Several grenades Spare battery Walkie talkie Water bottle or water pack A couple of soft-wrapped food bags And a chemical heater 5 layer or poncho For CQB games, you usually need more grenades And no need to take food and water You can also leave a BBs bag in the dressing room For convenience, all equipment can be divided According to the system of three lines First, second and third On the first line Only the most necessary things are worn Which should always be with you For example – a pistol Which you can carry with you, even during the rest Or an airsoft grenade With which in any case you can hit the officer So that he doesn’t get captured by the enemy The second line is The main ammunition for the main weapon And main equipment And the third line is Different household-camp items And everything that doesn’t require quick access As a base for the first line We will use a lightweight combat belt With a height of only 7.

5 cm On a 22 molle cell To keep this belt in shape under load A plastic insert is installed inside To make it more comfortable to wear There is a layer of isolon under the plastic insert For some ventilation The inside of the belt is made of airmesh It is noteworthy that The manufacturer left the opportunity To replace the inside of the belt without unseam it There’s a pocket for that For example If you are a tough fighter and you really want to You can put a ballistic package here Although there is very little sense from ballistics in such a narrow belt To prevent the belt from shifting Sliding down or twisting while wearing There are 2 solutions The first option is the usual shoulder straps For which there are fasteners on the belt The second option is A special fastening with Velcro to the trouser belt The second option is applicable If you are wearing a coatee or a combat shirt That is tucked into your pants On the belt, on the right side We will place a holster for the pistol On the left we will hang An additional pouch for a pistol magazine Left back, a pouch for empty magazines looks good In the remaining places we hang grenade pouches As it is convenient for you It is better to do this under a strong hand Viking Gear offers 2 variants of grenade pouches Which differ only in the way of fixing the valve Using a standard Velcro And with a silent fastener The design of which was borrowed from S&S Precision Silent fastener allows you To quietly open the valve to get the grenade While, unlike the fastex, it won’t be cracked with BBs It also allows you to adjust the volume of the pouch This can be useful If you are using small M67 grenades In general, the dimensions of the pouch can accommodate RGD-5 F-1 grenades and ShD90 / ShD130 smoke agents It’s worth noting that When using the silent fastener You won’t be able to use AFG-6 grenades or M18 smoke agents You will, of course, shove them in But you won’t be able to pull them out with such a valve due to their size Only the Velcro version is suitable here The valve here is dumb And completely protects the contents of the pouch From falling water and dirt If you are using cardboard grenades This can be important What pouches to hang Choose according to your taste Silent fastener opens as quickly as Velcro But it can be problematic with closing In the field, and even more so with one hand You may not be able to fasten it back AFG-6 grenades fit into pouches with Velcro fasteners They are easy to unfasten and fasten But they are not silent As a base for the second line We will use a modular platform-chest armor “Garm” With a mounted pouch And so-called “inserts” That is, interchangeable inserts for attaching various equipment The most attentive have already noticed That the Garm chest armor is essentially a copy of Micro Fight Mk.

3 chest-rig by Spiritus Systems But the dimensions of the “Garm” chest armor are slightly different And adapted for use with AK series magazines Viking Gear also reworked the side pouches And made special insert pouches Specifically for Kalashov magazines Taking into account their design A little offtop Personally, I have long wanted such a chest armor And over the course of a couple of years I obsessively prompted several manufacturers To make an airsoft adaptation for reasonable money But no one listened And only now a newcomer company has made such a product And as soon as such a chest armor appears In the Multicam from the 500th Cordura I will immediately buy it for myself With a set of inserts for PP and M4 So, the chest armor itself Is a set of separate modules From which you can assemble the structure individually for yourself And in fact, the filling of the chest armor Is determined only by your requirements and imagination It is enough to buy the necessary modules in addition In our case, on the chest armor we will place 6 AK magazines Or M4 type magazines A walkie-talkie, a bag with BBs A multitool and several grenades Eger To accommodate all this We need the appropriate pouches-inserts For magazines and grenades Half-flap Side pouches and a mounted pouch There is a nuance with the installation of inserts It is most convenient to install this way First you insert the magazine into the insert And only then you insert the whole thing into the chest armor The same goes for grenade inserts There is also a nuance with the attachment of side pouches Like the mounted pouch They are attached with Velcro But in order for these pouches not to dangle The fastexes of the straps must be threaded into special loops Like this This nuance entails the difficulty of Fastening the fastexes with threading them into The loops of the side pouches While putting on the chest armor The original Micro Fight has the straps outside It is more convenient to fasten them But they press the pouches into your sides Which of the evils is the lesser evil You decide When assembled, it all looks like this In the main compartment we have 3 magazines for AK We will place a couple more magazines in the right side pouch Place the walkie talkie in the left side pouch Adjust the size of the pouch with a tightener We will place one more magazine In an insert-pouch on the left side of the outer pocket On the right side, you can install an insert for grenades And fix additional batteries A multitool and, for example, one grenade Eger in it In order not to lose this whole thing This pocket can be closed with a half-flap valve A bag with BBs and several Egers can be placed in a mounted pouch Fixing them with inserts To make the chest armor more comfortable to sit on the body Not to dangle or squeeze the lower back There is an insert made of elastic cord on the back tightener As such, the chest armor can be used for most daily play If we go to a CQB shooter with SBR for MP5 magazines Then we simply take out the inserts from AK or M4 And insert the inserts for the MP5 magazines In the main compartment, you can install An insert for 5 or 6 magazines for PP 5-magazines insert is somewhat more comfortable to use An insert for 6 magazines adds ammunition An insert for 2 PP magazines is placed in the outer compartment I must say that With inserts with magazines for PP Work much better than inserts for AK Maybe I, of course, installed something wrong But the right insert was constantly crumpled When I tried to insert a magazine from AK there At the same time, there were no problems at all with inserts for the PP You can safely shove magazines there without looking at the speed Without fear that something will be crumpled Because a walkie-talkie is usually not useful for CQB We can remove the side pouches for magazines Or a walkie-talkie And install MOLLE platforms instead of them On which you can install grenade pouches Or any other pouches with a MOLLE mount For example, another compact organizer For documents and a phone By the way, for CQB Grenade Eger inserts Can generally be placed directly on the external Velcro panel For quick getting In the forest, you will most likely lose them But in CQB it can be used The mounted pouch with BBs in CQB can be removed Or left and filled with even more grenades Likewise, this chest armor can be transformed To use with a grenade launcher For example, you can remove magazines from the outer compartment And install inserts for 40 mm grenades there And a couple more holders can be installed from above Directly on the Velcro With a sniper rifle the same thing Everything is decided by inserts Of the right size for the magazines you use Let’s move on to the so-called 3rd line Water, food in bags with chemical heaters Extra BBs and clothes We will place in the backpack The Viking Gear assortment includes A small RK-1L Orn assault backpack In fact, this is a slightly modified and familiar to many Essential Pack Mk.

II by Tasmanian Tiger There are two improvements This is a stiffer back Which holds its shape better under load And a slightly different shape of the main compartment As far as I understood The capacity of the backpack is 8l Versus 7l of the original Essential Pack It has been empirically found That such a capacity is in fact enough To take with you everything you need For a daily game Our team uses either The Essential Pack by Tasmanian Tiger Or the even more compact Elf Pack by OPS If suddenly the capacity of the backpack isn’t enough The entire outer area of ​​the Orn backpack is covered with MOLLE slings And you can install any additional pouches here Or even get a team bag and leave it on resp We do this quite often too Because the manufacturer Viking Gear is new Surely many of you would like to hear something About quality of tailoring, materials And general impression of the products The base is 1000D nylon In the color “Mokh” it is the domestic fabric Cordon In other colors it is the same Cordon Or the Korean counterparts of Cordura Standard camouflage slings From Ivanovo Fastexes, two-slots, etc.

furniture – Apri Such materials are used by many Russian manufacturers I frankly didn’t like the zippers and straps of zipper slider If the zipper itself isn’t so bad Then the zipper slider are so-so They slide poorly and don’t inspire confidence If you are used to YKK zippers Then you will definitely not like these zippers It is fair to say that The guys from Viking Gear After hearing criticism from me Said that in the future they would use YKK zippers And as far as I understand Even they have already been ordered I also didn’t like How the thread colors were matched to the fabric A vivid example of how elastic bands are sewn But it’s all a matter of taste MOLLE slings are stitched With a bartacking machine Like many trusted manufacturers In general, the products look simpler Than those of the more well-known manufacturers But Viking Gear has appeared quite recently And it is possible that over time they will pull in the slack On the other hand, I am glad that That the manufacturer began its activity With a rather interesting concept Of lightweight universal equipment Which isn’t yet so popular in Russia Links to all elements of loadout I left in the description to this video As usual I invite to discuss this video in the comments Put your confident thumbs up Don’t forget to press the bell Not to miss new releases See you soon!


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