General sponsor StrikeArt Game pyrotechnics Airsoft Sports Babahi Airsoft pyrotechnics Planet of airsoft Cifra We make games Hi everyone, I’m Evgenivich You’re on the Red Army Airsoft channel And this is the continuation of the rubric In which we make airsoft loadouts Based on some particular manufacturer In this review we will collect a loadout for a scout-saboteur in airsoft Based on equipment by Stich Profi First, let’s figure out What is the specificity of the game in such a role In what conditions it is supposed to act And what tasks to perform The loadout that we will carry with us depends on this Let’s start with the conditions It is supposed to operate on forest testing areas With a minimum of buildings The main tasks are reconnaissance Sabotage in the rear Ambushes and short fire raids As you can imagine Most of the time we will have to camouflage Crawl and lie in place The saboteur must avoid protracted battles Trying to quickly bite the enemy And move away Mobility is critically important And the ability to quickly leave after contact with the enemy In this case, a large ammunition load isn’t needed The selected conditions indicate that We should take only the things that are most necessary to complete the task And, if possible, get rid of all unnecessary things Therefore, we take with us: 6 mags, 3 grenades, 2 smoke agents A bag of BBs with a loader A small supply of water and food A navigator to understand exactly where we are And silent pistol The clothing concept will look like this I must say right away that I spied on it from one special forces unit In hot and warm weather we will use The first layer of compression thermal underwear And 3D camouflage From +20 and above this is the best variant I speak from personal experience For thermal underwear We will take the set Balance by Stich Profi It consists of longsleeve, trousers and balaclava As a 3D camouflage, we will take the Chimera set Which consists of trousers and jacket And panama with 3D leaves The base is made of lightweight mesh Leaves made of light quick-drying textiles are sewn on top On the one hand, the suit provides excellent camouflage On the other hand, it weighs practically nothing And has almost no effect on air thermoregulation In cool weather, as a middle layer between thermal underwear and camouflage It is best to use layer 5 I usually use the 5th layer Sigma by ADS But as far as I know Stich Profi will have its own 5th layer soon The set of thermal underwear Balance and the 5th layer Sigma In my personal experience Allows you to play comfortably At temperatures from +15 to -5 In this form, clothing allows you to perform all the necessary tasks Camouflage and doesn’t add weight With the clothes finished Let’s move on to the equipment I placed the entire set of equipment on only one belt At least in order to completely remove The equipment from the chest To lie as low as possible So that nothing sticks out from the back while you are lying I’ll use the Stich Belt as a base The belt is made of quality nylon in A-TACS colors The inner surface is made of some kind of soft But durable material Three pillows with Airmesh are attached to it on Velcro Thanks to them The belt sits very comfortably While having any kind of ventilation The length of the belt is adjustable with an internal belt Through special cutouts in the lower part of the belt If necessary, you can install a pouch Or hip platforms Ballistic shrapnel bags can be installed inside the belt Airsoft players don’t give a damn But for the military this functionality will not be superfluous A flexible plastic frame is installed inside When the belt is fastened It forms a rigid ring around the body Which doesn’t crumple under the weight of the equipment Doesn’t crawl up and down And is very comfortable at the waist For additional weight distribution I will be using shoulder straps The straps I have chosen have elements made of elastic cord Thanks to them, the straps are perfectly fixed on the body Without lifting or skewing the belt when the body bends Shoulder section has a padded insert For added comfort Length adjustment is made using double-slot buckles Playing as a scout-saboteur It is very important to be well-oriented on the terrain And very accurately go to objects on the map This is best done with a navigator Or phone with the app To accommodate the navigator I chose this pouch This pouch has a fixing rubber inside And it allows you to use the navigator Without removing it from the pouch Since the navigator is supposed to be used often I placed it on the right side of the belt For the fastest possible access To carry ammunition to the main weapon We will use double fast mags such as OpenTop Why them, and not closed pouches? Well, firstly, due to the lack of a valve These pouches are the quietest Secondly, they allow you To change mags as quickly and conveniently as possible Moreover, it isn’t unimportant To put the mag back As convenient as removing it At the same time If you correctly adjust the adjustment of fixing the magazine in the pouch They hold the magazine very well Personally, I have been playing With such pouches in the forest for many years Including as a saboteur And have never lost a mag from them If I lost my mag It was from the utility pouch Or after I dropped the mag to the ground And forgot that I did it It is worth mentioning a disadvantage of such pouches This is the lack of protection of the mag from dust and dirt If you play on a testing area with sand You will have to clean the mags after each game 6 mags are enough to play as a saboteur 1 mag is in the rifle and 5 more are in pouches In this case, we need 6 pouches To always be able to conveniently replace the mag I placed 2 double pouches on the left And one double on the right Right behind the navigator Under the right hand we will hang a universal pistol holster In which we will place a pistol Or a silent pistol For example, PM-2 by ICS Silent pistol is mostly needed for playing at night The feature is that often in big games Tracer is required for machine guns at night But not for pistols In such conditions A silent pistol at night is a real cheat Verified by personal experience On the left side, I placed 2 grenade pouches with a valve Which is closed on fastex One immediately in front of the mags The second behind them Fastex, if desired, can be very quietly unfastened They can hold a pair of grenades with an active bracket In case of sabotage with a grenade Or a grenade and smoke agent In case of covering the retreat On the right, behind the pistol I placed a tear-off medical pouch It is planned to use it as a utilitarian A bag of BBs, a loader and a small individual first-aid kit fit perfectly into it A feature of this pouch is that Thanks to its design It is very convenient to quickly remove it from the mount And just as quickly install it back At the same time, it is fixed very reliably And the probability that it will unhook is minimal To accommodate a small supply of food, water, spare grenades And anything else I chose the multifunctional bag on MOLLE As far as I understood It was supposed to be used on the hip But it has MOLLE mounts And is relatively small in size And at the same time has sufficient capacity As a meal, as usual, I took a ready-made dish with a chemical heater A small thermos fits perfectly nearby Or a bottle of water And on the very top we put Two more grenades and smoke agent Which can be accessed through a valve in the bag’s top Without having to open it entirely Valve reinforced with plastic elements And is fixed on Velcro In the side pockets of the bag are ideally placed a walkie-talkie And another grenade The use of a walkie-talkie is implied with a headset In total, we managed to carry 6 mags to the machine gun Several grenades A couple of smoke agents A pistol, a walkie-talkie A navigtor, a first aid kit A flask of water and food for a normal hot lunch And all this is on the belt We don’t really need a mag pouch in this configuration Since we aren’t supposed to shoot a lot and actively Finally, I want to say that I have long wanted to talk about Such a concept for selecting loadout for a task On the one hand You aren’t wearing heavy clothes and equipment On the other hand You have everything you need with you At the same time, you have good opportunities for camouflage We have been using such a concept of equipment from our personal experience For more than one year If necessary, adding for the task A light body armour and a backpack By the way, all such loadout Fits into a 35l backpack Rubicon by StichProfi Including layer 5 Camouflage, mags Grenade, water and food On the testing area you can attach the machine gun on outside Of course, you can’t walk in the city with a machine gun strapped on outside I left links to all items of equipment in the description As usual I invite to discuss this video in the comments Don’t forget to put your confident thumbs up Subscribe the channel Press the bell Not to miss new smth See you soon!


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