General sponsor Planet of airsoft StrikeArt Game pyrotechnics Babahi Airsoft pyrotechnics Airsoft Sports Hi everyone, I’m Evgenivich You’re on the Red Army Airsoft channel And this is the continuation of the rubric In which we make airsoft loadouts Based on some particular manufacturer This time it is a Russian manufacturer – PHOENIX RME As in the past, it will be an assaulter loadout with automatic weapons For playing at urban-type training areas CQB training areas Or at games where it is understood that we will often moving in transport The format of the game is 24-hour or daily Also we will try to adhere to the concept In which the main ammunition and equipment is placed on body armor Only this time we’ll try to do without a combat belt at all Personally, I’m not used to such a concept Moreover, it even seems uncomfortable to me But the military and airsoft players wear it that way So this option has a place to be And maybe it’s just a matter of habit At least I agree That sitting in a transport with a loaded combat belt or in a LBE Isn’t particularly convenient As a basis we will use The version of the body armor LBT6094 size B by Phoenix Gear In general, according to my personal observation The LBT6094 is the favorite body armor Of most Russian manufacturers Why? I don’t know You can suggest your version in the comments Phoenix’s LBT6094B version Is made from 100% nylon with a density of 1000 den The color in our case is the original MultiCam Slings are jacquard This means that They are woven from threads of different color And not painted Which means they will retain their color longer The inner part of the covers for the plates is made of softer fabric There are Velcro for installing CAP inside CAPs themselves are not included They can be purchased separately If desired, inside, you can insert plates of the SAPI type L-size Or Granit of the 3rd size Well, or imitations of foam If you don’t plan to carry extra burdens on airsoft By the way, there are no imitations in the kit either You have to buy them separately Or make them out of some kind of foam Also inside the panels There is a separate compartment for installing aramid plates Into the cummerband aramid plates can also be installed And armored plates of the MSAP type 6×6 inches in size The body armor size B There are 8 MOLLE cells on the front panel Due to which 4 magazine pouches can be placed here If we used double pouches We could place as many as 8 magazines here Which is more than enough for most types of games As befits on the cummerband there are built-in pockets For a radio station Or a pistol The pocket volume is sufficient To accommodate a large MBITR-type radio station in it The pocket closes on the strap with a snap button In this loadout, we will use the AK series rifle as the main weapon And, accordingly, magazines for it I know, AKSU may be more suitable there But, unfortunately, I didn’t have AKSU For a good game, 8 magazines would be enough for us But we will take 10 Because we can And because they are airsoft And don’t weigh like military stuffed with cartridges Having focused on the quick extraction of magazines On the front panel I placed 3 quick pouches Instead of plastic inserts Sling inserts are used here For my personal taste I would choose magazines with plastic inserts Because they are noticeably more convenient But the Phoenix didn’t have other quick pouches Above, on my chest I placed a panel for the map It is very minimalistic But allows you to place a map And even for example a table of frequencies of the LPD range for a walkie-talkie If you use a walkie-talkie In which you can use these frequencies Initially, I tried to hang an administrative pouch here But it turned out that it has a fairly large size And can interfere with the quick extraction of magazines I decided to place an additional supply of magazines On the cummerband In closed pouches For 2 AK series magazines The plus of these magazines by PHOENIX RME is the partition Due to which the magazines are quite convenient to put back into the pouch Also the magazines in the pouch don’t rattle each other For a denser placing magazines There is a rubber band A single pouch for 2 magazines I hung to the right of the cummerband Immediately behind it are three grenade pouches Each pouch holds one grenade type RGD-5 Or other similar dimensions An interesting point is That the pouch closes on both Velcro and small fastex In my opinion, fastex is definitely superfluous here Firstly, if you close the pouch only on Velcro Fastex hangs unpleasantly Secondly, fastex is very small And it isn’t very convenient to quickly open it to the touch with gloves Thirdly If the fastex is there for silent open So.

..there still is Velcro Note that Grenade pouches hang under a strong hand Which you usually throws grenades It’s not very convenient to get the extreme rear grenade yourself But it will be able to easily get by the second number.

To the left of the cummerband I placed a double pouch Under 4 magazines In total we have 10 magazines 9 – on the body armour And 1 – on the rifle We’ll hang another grenade pouch behind a double magazine pouch Just in case For example, again, for the second number Under the body armour, In front we hang an utility pouch It is voluminous enough to accommodate BBs, loader, battery and multitool in it The pouch has two compartments And an internal structure So that All of the above can be expanded as conveniently Rather than being thrown off into a heap At the bottom of the pouch There are mounts for a strap-tourniquet If we were going to war We would definitely have taken it Along with a couple of first-aid pockets and a hemostatic I placed the walkie-talkie in the inside pocket of the cummerband As practice has shown In LBT6094 body armor It is the most convenient place And no special pouches are required for this To be honest In this loadout I didn’t find Where to hang a pouch for empty magazines So that it was really convenient to use And it didn’t interfere with transport In theory, it can be abandoned altogether Alternatively, a foldable pouch for empty magazines can be placed On the left behind the grenade closer to the back And only open When it is really needed But in order to get there without failures by the magazine You will have to be trained It is better not to hang anything on the back For reasons of more convenient movement in the transport And also, if you have to lie down under enemy fire BBs can hit protruding parts on the back But you remember that In airsoft, hitting into any part of the equipment Is considered death Therefore, a bag With a supply of food, warm clothes and the like We will leave in the transport or on the resp And will run light As you can see, on the basis of PHOENIX RME equipment We managed to collect a completely finished loadout For playing airsoft at urban training areas And for moving in transport At the same time, we have ammunition In the form of as many as 10 automatic magazines And 4 grenades I left links to all elements of the loadout In the description of this video As usual I invite to discuss this video in the comments Put your confident thumbs up If you like this rubric See you soon!


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