General sponsor “Planet of airsoft” “StrikeArt” – the game pyrotechnics “Babahi” – the airsoft pyrotechnics Hi everyone, I’m Evgenivich You’re on Red Army Airsoft channel And this is one of the most favorite rubrics In which we will assemble a kit for airsoft On the base of one specific manufacturer Today we will assemble a kit for playing at forest and open-type testing facilities Based on equipment from already familiar to you company – Survival Corps Ok, to begin, let’s decide For what purposes and conditions we will assemble the kit As I said We will assemble a kit for playing at open-type testing facilities That is, it is a forest, fields, hills with a minimum number of buildings Secondly, we will try to assemble the universal kit Which would be suitable for one-day games, daily games As well as games in the format of the Berget or Front Line Which last 2-3 days And on which there are game camps As usual, let’s decide what equipment we will carry The main weapon will be full-sized machine gun Because the Survival Corps pouches are more suitable for AK I chose AK Don’t be embarrassed, for the video I took MMG from Kalashnikov For the game you can choose any airsoft AK From any manufacturer of airsoft weapons For the normal game we need 8 magazines I don’t take the pistol intend Because under the chosen conditions it comes in handy extremely rarely If I choose between pistol and 2 additional magazines for machine gun I will choose 2 magazines As usual we take 2-3 grenades Couple of smoke agents, BBs, loader Additional batteries, food, water, spoon, knife and radio It isn’t superfluous to take with you phone with installed navigator Or separately GPS navigator To be oriented of where you place now on the testing facility map Is very useful thing For the placement of the equipment As for me, the light breastplate and the combat belt are more suitable We will return to this later And now let’s discuss the uniform More suitable variant for chosen conditions is Combat pants, and coatee or jacket In my case it is uniform from the Survival Corps In Triarius colour I’ve already done the review about it So we’ll left this theme If you didn’t see it, the link will be in the description As a head-dress I chose bucket hat SAVANNA, in SURPAT® SAVANNA colour By the way, for chosen conditions, SURPAT® SAVANNA will be the most universal colour variant Rather than usual SURPAT® At least for our terrain On hands we put on gloves FLEX in the color of Olive They have good sensitivity when working with small items And fit comfortably on your hand For carrying the main equipment we take the combat belt Sherman with the shoulder straps Along the edges in quick access, I placed one grenade pouch on each side Pouches will be GP-Q-1 on the silent clasp In may be useful If you need to quietly open the pouch and surprise the unsuspecting enemy with a grenade For the main ammunition for the machine gun We’ll take pouches for AK for two magazines each These pouches inside are divided by a partition And there is an adjustable volume pull Thanks to this, magazines don’t rattle each other inside the pouch And you can easily place them in the pouch On the left side, right behind the magazine pouches, I hung a dumping pouch Unfortunately in the assortment of the Survival Corps there are no dumping pouches Which attaches directly to the belt Without occupying precious MOLLE cells Therefore, I had to sacrifice two MOLLE cells And take such a dumping pouch But these cells could be used for another grenade pouch On the left side, right behind the magazine pouches I hung a universal bottle pouch I plan to use it as utility pouch In which I can place loader, BBs and several grenades As the main utility pouch I will use pouch three days 3L I place there things without quick acsess Namely A food package from Kronidov, with flameless heater Bottle for water Warm clothes and ect.

If necessary, you can immediately place spare grenades At the bottom of the pouch I attached the mat The usefulness of this thing in conditions of cold and rainy Ural weather is difficult to overestimate In total, we got a very impressive belt load 8 magazines, several grenades and smoke agents Stock of BBs, water, food, clothes in case of bad weather And other small items So that the belt doesn’t slide down, I set wide straps on it For the play in team we need radio, testing facility map, phone with navigator All these I planed to place on the breastplate RIG But when the straps of the belt and the breastplate fell into my hands It became obvious that both the straps were too wide To be used together Because I didn’t plan to place any significant weight on the breastplate I decided to modify the breastplate straps a bit Well, how to modify.

.. I just ripped off the wide pillows on the breastplate straps And connected the free ends of the straps to each other through a double-slot buckle The result was thin straps that absolutely don’t conflict with the bulk straps of the RPS What is needed for our purposes Of course, the Survival Corps knows better They sew equipment that use real special forces But in their place I would make a variant of a light breastplate with thin straps Which absolutely don’t conflict with the wide straps of the RPS In the center of the breastplate I placed an administrative pouch for the A4 map We will place the testing facility map in it And different useful things For example multitool, hexagon set A coil of electrical tape, a lighter and ect.

To its right, I placed a pouch under the navigator or phone You can carry in it tourist navigator Garmin or the phone with SitRep or GeoTaktika apps By the way, with a phone, a small powerbank could be placed there To the left, I placed a pouch under the radio It holds the radio Baofeng UV-5R with increased battery And there is a volume pull due to which the radio doesn’t hang inside the pouch This is convenient because you can remove a belt with basic ammunition in the camp Without removing the breastplate Staying in touch and having on hand the necessary little things In my opinion, it turned out a very balanced kit In which, on the one hand, there is everything necessary to complete most airsoft tasks On the open testing facilities And on the other hand, there is nothing superfluous that you simply carry unnecessarily You can purchase all the elements of the kit using the links in the description By the way, within 2 weeks after the release of this video On the site of Survival Coprs a promotional code is valid: redarmy Using it, you can get a 15% discount on the all equipment That’s all for today As usual I propose to discuss this video in the comments Put your confident thumbs up Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel See you soon!


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