General sponsor “Planet of airsoft” “StrikeArt” – the game pyrotechnics “Babahi” – the airsoft pyrotechnics Hi everyone, I’m Evgenivich You’re on Red Army Airsoft channel Do you remember some time ago We did videos in which we collect an equipment kit for specific tasks and conditionals On the base of one specific manufacturer By views and likes I found out this theme was interesting for you So I decided to rebirth this rubric In this issue we will be collecting an equipment kit for daily game in the forest Based on equipment from ANA Tactical For the provided kit, you can thank the Airsoft Store Only due to them this issue became possible As you understand all this equipment you can buy in this shop All the links are in the description Before choosing the equipment Let’s figure it out what we need for the game in the forest And which tasks we are planning to solve in this equipment The practice of airsoft games shows That the most popular and really useful role in airsoft is an usual assaulter Who in the forefront goes to attack the point Fights in a linear battle Crawls and does all the main work It is for these tasks that we will select a kit for forest testing facilities As the main weapon We chose the short automatic rifle tuned till 120 m/s So that we can shoot bursts from close range without problems, at a distance of up to 60 meters In practice this is the most actual distances in the forest Because of the most of pouches from ANA TACTICAL are adapted for AK We chose calssic AKSU from G&G For the normal playing we need minimum 8 mechanical magazines In case with G&G, magazines have the steel teeth It is pros Because of we have a little chance to break the teeth when wrongly attached magazine Or when you hit a tree Also assaulter must have 2-3 grenades And even one smoke agent Of course we also need: BBs, loader, additional batteries for the rifle For a daily game it isn’t superfluous to take with you water and food supply Usually it makes no sense to carry a whole ration with you But a bottle of water and a package from Kronidov, as practice shows, will not be superfluous If desired, you can finish off a snack in the form of bars At first I carried a hydrator with me on games But if you have a hydrator You constantly drink, then go to the toilet, then drink, then go to the toilet, and so on in a circle Then I taught myself to drink less water at games I usually have enough of such a bottle If we play as a team, and we play as a team We will need a connection In my case, it’s a digital radio with a headset I decided to give up the gun Because of in practice it is very rarely useful in the forest And if I choose between 2 magazines and gun That will be 2 magazines So what do we take with us, we figured out Let’s move on to uniform and equipment Playing in the forest, if you do not want to be an easy target You have to crawl a lot and move around in a semi-squat As a result, wearing tunics and combat shirts that need to be tucked in pants is not convenient for everyone Jackets or anoraks are best suited for the forest And pants with a loose cut with a belt From the ANA TACTICAL assortment, a costume “Krot” is best suited It consists of loose fit pants with pockets And a jacket with a hood That fastens with large buttons The suit resembles a “Gorka” But made of lighter fabric Composition: 65% polyester, 35% viscose And a loose fit jacket with a hood This is what you need for the forest A loose fit pants with pockets Don’t constrain movement and are quite comfortable However, for me, the main disadvantage of the pants are wide rubber stirrups Their presence implies that you tuck your pants in combat boots And this isn’t the most convenient idea if you are going to crawl All dirt, dust and water will clog in combat boots A much more convenient solution is the duster As it is done in “Gorka” It would be better if these pants would have straps It’s a pity that there aren’t straps in the kit You can’t imagine anything better than panama in the forest This is standard We will place all the ammunition on the belt It is assumed that we will crawl a lot An excess of equipment on the chest will interfere Anyway Wearing extra equipment that you won’t actually use Is not a good idea for an active player The basis of the combat belt I collected from the waist belt Combat belt “Vorobey” and shoulder straps For clarity and contrast, I chose the color of the olive To mask it is better to choose something camouflage colors Remembering about the crawling I placed magazines on the belt sides, in magazine closed pouches on Velcro valve Each pouch contains 2 magazines In this case, we choose the speed and convenience of changing magazines Conditionally sacrificing the noiselessness of valve opening If you are sitting in an ambush, there is usually a full magazine in the automatic rifle When the battle begins, there isn’t much sense in the noiselessness of the magazines I placed a grenade and smoke agent in pouches on fastexes In the case of grenades, relative noiselessness may be needed I placed dumping pouch for magazines and smth else lower Because of pomegranate pouches are quite soft It’s not very convenient to put the grenade back Here we need a dumping pouch On the right side behind the magazines I placed the utility pouch You can put in it BBs, loader, batteries, some pills you need and even several extra grenades The pouch closes with a zipper with two sliders And additionally fixed with strop on fastex When I saw this pouch firstly It seemed to me that the fastex is superfluous here But in fact it turned out that tightening an utility pouch isn’t a bad idea When there is a package of balls, it’s nice to fix it additionally There are elastics inside the pouch Which allow you to place all sorts of little things Water and food I placed in the bottle pouch The pouch has rubber buckles And if necessary, the excess volume can be removed So that the contents don’t hang It don’t need the quick access to this pouch On my chest I wanted to place a front protector with MOLLE cells But in this case, it is only needed to conveniently place the radio set But because we use digital radio set with rotary controls in the upper part Which you don’t have to look at when changing channels I placed it on the back part of the belt In this radio set, all frequencies are flashed in advance And during the game you only change the channels When using a headset, you hear the channel number What you need for an usual assaulter To place this radio set I used a quick AK pouch Firstly it suites in length Secondly on the front and back sides there are plastic inserts Which, as it turned out, protect the radio set from accidental pressing In general ANA TACTICAL have special pouches for radio set But I don’t like them Sorry Unfortunately, when I shot this video, the straps in olive color didn’t reach me yet So I used my old ones in Multicam For which I sincerely repent If the game involves a shorter autonomy from the camp It will not be superfluous to bring along an additional supply of BBs Food, batteries and warm clothing In the small backpack In any case, it can always be left on the base or on the resp From the ANA TACTICAL assortment I chose backpack “Gamma”, 22 litres Of the advantages of this backpack can be noted the horizontal loading of equipment Volume tightening and a good internal device Allowing you to conveniently place everything you need If you really need You can install an additional pouches inside it, on MOLLE All equipment, clothing and a rifle Accommodate perfectly in an 80 liter bag, which is called “VDV” If you try, even a backpack will accommodate in it A few words about additional equipment from other manufacturers Which I needed to use for the full kit The ballistic glasses Pyramex One-point strap Wartech Gloves Mechanix AKSU rifle and additional mechanical magazines from G&G I repeat that you the equipment kit you can find in Airsoft Store All links I left in the description to this video That’s all for today As usual I propose to discuss this video in the comments Put your confident thumbs up Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel Press the bell See you soon!


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