General sponsor Planet of airsoft StrikeArt Game pyrotechnics Babahi Airsoft pyrotechnics Airsoft Sports Hi everyone, I’m Evgenivich You’re on the Red Army Airsoft channel And this is a continuation of the rubric In which we Collect sets of equipment for playing airsoft Based on some particular manufacturer This time We will collect the set based on Centurion Gear As always, for a start we will determine For what conditions the set is preparing This time it will be a assaulter set With automatic weapons For playing at urban-type training areas CQB training areas And at games Where it is understood that We will often travel in vehicles The format of the game is daily Most of the previous sets That we collected earlier Were built according to the concept that Most of the equipment Was located on the combat belt This time we decided to slightly change the concept And try to place to the maximum all the necessary Precisely on body armor As the basis The LBT6094 body armor will be used Size B body by Centurion Gear We will place additional equipment on the combat belt Version LBT6094B is made of 100% nylon With a density of 1000 den The inner part of the covers for the plates Is made of softer fabric Inside there are Velcro for installing the CDS (climatic depreciation support) If necessary If desired Inside, you can insert plates of the SAPI type of L size Or Granite of the 3rd size Well, imitations of rug If you don’t plan to carry extra burdens on airsoft For the video, we inserted plates But for the game We would most likely replaced them with imitations Also inside the panels there is A separate compartment for installing aramid packages We left the rug here Aramid bags can also be inserted into the cummerbund And armored plates of the MSAP type, 6×6 inches in size The body armor size B On the front panel there are 8 MOLLE cells Due to which you can place 4 magazine pouches here And this means that In the case of using double pouches We have where to place up to 8 automatic magazines At the bottom of the front panel There are 6 MOLLE cells On which you can fix the groin protection If it is of course needed On the cummerbund There are built-in pockets for a radio station Or a pistol Their size is adapted to the Baofeng size walkie-talkie The pocket closes on the strap With a snap button As the main weapon We will use the M4 series rifle In my case it is my oldy Amoeba For a full game We need 8 magazines And we can easily place them on the front panel of the body armor In 4 double pouches with a valve In this assembly You can safely use double pouches on your chest Because we aren’t going to crawl in the selected conditions Above, on the chest I will place 2 single pouches For hand grenades The pouch closes on the Velcro And allows you to quickly remove the grenade We don’t plan covert actions Each pouch contains One grenade of the RGD-5 format Or as many as 2 grenades of the Eger format Of course, 2 Eger are placing here very tight But they fit in At urban-type training areas There aren’t many grenades So we will put an additional supply in the utilitarian pouch Which we will hang on the cummerbund Under the left hand For quick access We’ll hang a medical pouch on the right side of the cummerbund For military purposes I would have placed dressing items here A set of medicine Outside a pouch I would hang a CAT But we are collecting a set for airsoft And in airsoft it isn’t necessary to carry a complete set of field medicine with you Especially if you don’t know how to provide first aid The maximum that is worth taking with you from medicine in airsoft Is peroxide, a bandage for treating wounds And the tablets you need specifically For example, stomach pills or allergy pills In the event of a serious injury It is best to immediately inform the organizers And call a doctor to provide professional assistance As practice has shown For airsoft in such a pouch It is convenient to have spare batteries Knife Multitool A small flashlight And similar useful little things In a utilitarian pouch on the groin A bag with BBs fits perfectly You can also define a loader there So that the loader doesn’t hang out It can be fixed with the rubber Generally the Centurion Gear assortment has a pouch for a walkie-talkie But I decided to place it in the inside pocket of the cummerbund In my opinion Such a walkie-talkie placement is One of the most convenient It doesn’t interfere Is reliably protected And at the same time conveniently gets And if you have A digital walkie-talkie With channel switching with a rotary valcoder You can not get it out of your pocket at all Actually, as I usually do I placed a Minimap backpack on the back of the body armour In it you can place the hydrator And all things that don’t need quick access For example, a bag of Kronidov food Spare batteries for a walkie-talkie A gas cylinder for a pistols Or even the HPA cylinder If you use assemblies on the HPA With an external line The combat belt in this setup I decided to unload as much as possible Especially this makes sense If you are going to move in vehicle On the right is a plastic holster With a Glock pistol On the left is a pair of pouches with pistol magazines For quick access to them At the back, I placed A folding pouch to collect magazines When you are in transport It can be rolled up So that it doesn’t interfere In a situation Where a quick replacement of magazines is required It can be quickly put into operation By simply pulling the valve up In order not to lose magazines from the pouch In the upper part there is a buckle It is worth noting that The pouch isn’t very large And I would add to 4 magazines to the maximum As you can see On the basis of Centurion Gear equipment You can easily assemble a complete set For playing airsoft at urban-type training areas In buildings and for moving in the vehicles At the same time, we have sufficient ammunition In the form of 8 magazines A right smart set of grenades BBs and a loader in quick access If necessary A supply of food and water And if you play with the HPA Then there is even where to place the cylinder If you are planning a long rest You can always take off your body armor Leaving only your combat belt on you Thus You will remain with weapons And in case of an unexpected situation You can shoot a gun Until you get to the main weapon On games with gaming residential camps This may be relevant Links to all elements of the set I left in the description As usual I suggest to discuss video in the comments Put your confident thumbs up Subscribe to the channel Press the bell See you soon!


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