General sponsor Planet of airsoft StrikeArt Game pyrotechnics Babahi Airsoft pyrotechnics Airsoft Sports Airsoft club Hi everyone, I’m Evgenivich You’re on Red Army Airsoft channel And today we will look at a new product About which I have already mentioned in the news Namely, a plastic holster For the airsoft pistol Glock by Airsoft-RUS (ASR) In the comments on the announcement of this holster Many of you were outraged that The bad bad Airsoft-RUS stole the Alpha holster from StichProfi And many even called this holster a fake Don’t worry The holster by ASR isn’t a fake But the result of the joint work of Airsoft-RUS and StichProfi That is, the time-tested Alpha holster was taken as the basis But Airsoft-RUS specialists Finalized the model in such a way That all the most popular airsoft Glocks were placed in it The basic construction and assembly were remained the same Why did they change the model? The fact is that the dimensions of the Alpha by StichProfi Are ideally suited for use with firearm Glock Without automatic fire mode In many airsoft Glocks, the bolt is noticeably wider But holster designed for firearm Glock They may not fit without sawing To cram a Glock with an automatic fire mode in Alpha You will need to saw off a corner And if you still put An airsoft pistol in Alpha You can pull it out without pressing a button The ASR airsoft holster is noticeably wider It has a special cutout for the fire mode switch And a spring-loaded stop So that Glocks with different widths are securely fixed And don’t play in it In ASR holster you can place all airsoft Glocks with a barrel length No longer than Glock 17 Including Glock 18c by CYMA Glock 17 and Glock 19 by Tokyo Marui Glock 18c by WE And other Glocks by Tokyo Marui, WE, KWC, KJW, Galaxy and Umarex Glocks with an increased barrel length For example 34 and 35 Don’t fit in this holster Glocks with a shorter barrel For example Glock 19 Play a little bit But practice has shown That this play doesn’t interfere with use If desired This play can be easily removed By placing some kind of spacer Under the safety bracket of the pistol The pistol is fixed in the holster with a spring-loaded latch on the safety bracket Fixation occurs automatically When the pistol is inserted into the holster To extract you need to press the button The button is large and massive Iit is convenient to use it even in winter gloves In the holster the pistol fits securely Pulling it out without pressing the button Is unrealistic Holster can be installed at the equipment using various removable mounts A holster kit by ASR includes the MOLLE mount Which takes 2 cells in width And 3 in height If you need some other mount For example, a belt mount You can buy and install here any mount for Alpha holsters by StichProfi All of them certainly fit The mount is installed on a holster Using a massive steel screw This screw is enough To securely fix the holster But if you want even more reliability You can additionally fix the construction with a small screw Which is also included The angle of landing of the holster on the mount can be adjusted as you wish For this you need to slightly loosen the main screw Turn the mount And tighten the screw back At the moment, the holster is made only under the right hand And is available in 3 colors Black, sand and olive Now let’s move on to Why you started watching this video Namely, to crash tests Once the holster is positioned as an airsoft We decided to check What would happen if it was shot at close range from a rifle with tuning of 150 m/s At a working temperature of autumn and spring games of about +10 deg.

C There are no hints of damage on the holster There are only barely noticeable dents and marks from the BBs The handle was less fortunate There is a break Let’s try to do the same trick with a Chinese plastic holster from AliExpress Not only a holster has been broken But also a plastic Glock inside it Let’s pass to more senseless and merciless tests Whatever you smash with a hammer, you smash with an ax Have upgraded This is for shortened versions Finish off The holster withstood several hits But still cracked The Chinese holster broke with one blow You can still go to war Can be posted on AWGM There are entourage attritions 500 rubles is definitely worth Okay, at plus temperature everything is clear But what will happen to the holster in the cold -15 deg.

C To begin with we’ll check What happens if the Porsche Macan drives through the holster Well, everything in life happens No damage And what will happen with the holster from AliExpress? To dust And if Porsche first hits the holster with a wheel Stands on it And then starts from the launch-control And brings down all of its 600 N of torque to the product Still alive No sign of damage Let’s try the same But so that the holster flew into a steel container Stop! All! Porsche stands on the holster I forgot to switch gear! It would be starkly now Come on! We have achieved our goal, there is a crack Ok.

.. Kill it with a hammer and an ax But already in the cold Have broken An ax!!! We can say that In the cold, the holster was in much the same way As at plus temperature And now let’s check How well the holster holds on the combat belt And how well it holds the pistol We hook the holster on the belt Put a pistol into it And we will hit the wall with all this Until a miracle happens Glock’s piece was broken A piece has fallen, the holster is holding Glock’s handle was broken But the holster in place And the remnants of the Glock (CYMA) are still holding well in the holster Hey cowboy, where’s your gun? Let’s try to repeat the shooting from the 150 rifle at close range But in the cold There are holes But the holster can still be used Unlike the Chinese one Which under the same conditions instantly shattered into pieces Another pointless test In one of his videos Veresk tried to set his Alpha holster on fire with gasoline As a result, gasoline burned out But the holster isn’t We decided to tighten this test a little And pour a holster with a pistol inside with ignition fluid The ignition fluid is a liquid paraffin That burns at about the same temperature as gasoline But noticeably longer This means there is a greater chance that The plastic holster will warm up and burn Because of the cold For a long time we could not set fire to the holster Because the ignition fluid stupidly froze As a result, we built an impromptu bonfire Look! CYMA Glock burns But the holster – no Dinner is served! That’s all you need to know about our crash tests If they gave us something to break We will break it Or burn it And then break it Veresk You didn’t try at all And the arsonist from you was so-so But seriously You can clearly see how long the holster can withstand the effects of fire Before starting to melt and burn It held on for more than 2 minutes I think it is clear that The safety margin of this holster is clearly excessive And in case of some extreme situations The pistol or airsoft player will most likely break down first And only then the holster With the advent of the holster by ASR The owners of any airsoft Glocks can just go and buy a holster That doesn’t need to be finished before use And which will ensure reliable holding and quick removal of your pistol By the way, the holster from ASR still has no name You can suggest yours in the comments As always, if you liked the review – put a sure thumb up Discuss the video in the comments Subscribe to the channel Press the bell See you soon!


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