Killed! On the barbed wire! Go! General sponsor “Planet of airsoft” “StrikeArt” – the game pyrotechnics “Babahi” – the airsoft pyrotechnics Hi everyone, I’m Evgenivich You’re on Red Army Airsoft channel I was finally able to set aside time to take up the gameplay I know many of you love this format And some just for it subscribed to the channel But we will be honest And for the last half a year we have devoted undeservedly little time to it I’ll try to correct And in the future, distribute the channel’s broadcast more balanced Between reviews, airsoft news and gameplay Moreover, a lot of material on gameplay has accumulated So in this series, we look at one dynamic gameplay from the CQB testing facility Delta Club I remembered this game by the fact that at some point 6 people left to play for our side 3 of which are me, Leha and Hera And on the enemy side there were 12 people We also had our advantages We knew the testing facility and quite often played together on it But a twofold numerical superiority was a twofold numerical superiority Which meant a difficult and interesting game was coming The script is called “Save the General” At the beginning of the round, the General is in the bank The task of the attacking side is to kill him This can only be done by touching with someone’s hand or with an airsoft knife But the general isn’t defenseless and can also defend himself with a knife The task of the defense side is also simple They are to get the general out and not let him be killed until the end of the round We were at the attacking side There’s a lot of enemy, so the expectation for speed The plan was Hera with a gun was trying to reach the bank faster than defense Leha covered him I was trying to cut off the opponent’s approach to the bank from the center 2 people were on the left flank distracting at least part of the enemy team As soon as we beat off the first influx, we immediately attaked the commander Let’s go! Three! Two! One! Start! Killed! Stop the game! We won, all was on plan But further defense But that’s another story Before moving on to the second round I want to show a very cool new product for playing at such testing facility This is MP7 AEG from VFC This model was sent to us by AirsoftStore for detailed review Which will appear at our channel in the immediate future These devices are still available right now The link is in the description The second round We were on the defensive The plan was I and Lenya bared the way to the center and watched to the right Leha and Leha held the left flank Hera was trying to get commander out and lead away nearer to the resp The right flank would have to leave for one person Otherwise, there might not be enough strength on the left flank Next, we took defense on the flanks Hang on as long as we can Let’s go Messed up! Has everyone become hot? Roll on? Yes Killed! We beat off the influx But the enemy confidently crushes and knocks us out one by one We are trying to return the position It is necessary to remove the commander Leha and I hold a position, Hera – remove That’s all! We hold a bank Killed? Killed! We were bumped out of a place This is too bad If the enemy hold the bank, we will be cornered on the resp Killed! We were cornered We almost lost the commander It’s necessary to get out and at least somehow recapture the position I tried to return to the bank Leha tried to bare the way to the center Hera guards the commander Killed! Let’s hit the back just! Probably from the 10th attempt I broke through to this house But Lenya didn’t understand, so – friendly fire It happens Empty! If you don’t understand, this guy shooted with empty magazine Shoot! Shoot there! Killed! Go! Well do you understand? Again the same guy again with an empty magazine Here! Faster here! Killed! Stop the game! I reached the bank But unfortunately, one enemy fighter nevertheless made his way to our commander and killed him The second round – on the enemy’s side According to the results of two rounds – a draw That’s all for today I hope you were interested If it is, pls will write about it in the comments Put your confident thumbs up Subscribe not to miss new videos See you soon!


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