Hello everyone this is Marty. This time I decided to put aside my sniper rifles and play for Assault role with my good old AK 104 More detailed video about all my weapons and loadout will come later, but now you can see what I use this time Today I am trying out action camera mount on my panama.

I will show how it’s done in the future video The panama was provided to me by Giena Tactics. I recommend to visit their website. A large selection of panamas, headwear. As well as tactical outfits and equipment of Russian manufacture.

Link in the description Once again I’m on a game from Zone23 club and we have a standard scenario of search and opening the case Overall the objective is to capture the case, capture the key for the first case, capture the code for the second case and to launch the rocket In the first round I’m playing for the blue side, we are attacking I was assigned as the leader for this side.

So don’t be surprised that I will shout and swear on the others Lets go! Lets go! Got him, minus one. They are to the right Our armored troop-carrier got stuck in the ditch Ready? Cover us, shoot towards the building Cover me, I’m going too There are blues in the building Alright people, you can leave that building and come here Our guys are taking over the nearest buildings Alright look, now we form a line and just rush there.

We have to get to the wall Get ready. We are taking the garages, run to the wall Ok lets go, lets go, lets move. In a line, a line! Got him, the roof is clear. Lets go! Go around the left side and take the garages Clear out the garages The code for the case is located near the flag Grenade! Either the grenade was malfunctioned, or it wasn’t a grenade at all -Where are they shooting from? -The last window to the left Don’t shoot, I’m going through Clear! Minus one, took one out -I’m going -The window to the right, Go! Our guys got the code Go, go, go! I will cover you, go! -Where’s the code? -I have it.

-You have it? Great Alright, no point going further The code to open the case: 9457. I will leave it with me So guys, we are all going there. Here two people stay to cover out back We have to capture the green flag Where is it from, tell me? That was a big boom Our guys are rushing from the right, hold this corner We couldn’t advance from this position, so we organize an attack from two sides Sadly our side couldn’t complete the main objective and we lost Players have switched sides, now yellows attack and I am with them Go in the building.

I will cover the building to the right People, move faster. You are like in full view now Get in this building, clear it out and shoot in the next building While we pushed the enemy from this side, on the other side our guys have captured two flags.

Now there is only one flag remaining to capture The enemy is trying really hard to defend the last flag so we can’t finally capture it The battery in my AK died, so I switch to my pistol Where is the enemy, in which hole? -The second one? Let me Unfortunately this time the attacking team couldn’t complete the main objective At least my face wasn’t injured unlike this guy.

So don’t be ashamed to wear masks on such games Thank you for watching. All links in the description, and good luck


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