Sponsored by AirSoft-RUS – Spray and pray! Hello Everyone, this is Marty. Today we have a gameplay from mountain side! We are in Khadyzhensk, south of Krasnodar Krai. – Hold on to your assess now! The scenario is the following.

We have two opposing sides – yellow and blue. I play for yellow. We start from the different sides and rush our way to the lab where the scientist is hiding. We take him captive and convoy to explosives factory.

We then hold there as much as we can to earn victory points. We split into three groups. The main force is storming the center – lab direction. Other teams are blocking left and right flank direction.

– Clear the rooms, come on! – Push forward people, they will take the building first otherwise! – Go upstairs to other floors! – Leave someone here and go upstairs! – Oh, that’s a door! Stack up, everyone! Weapons ready! – Blue are already there! – So shoot them! – Got contact there.

– I’m covering! – I’m coming, cover me! – Friendlies on the left! – Get in everyone! Hold your fire over there! – Hold you fire, friendlies around! – There’s enemy there, can you see? – Left side! – Hold it! – I can see shadow over there! – Hold it, I will nade them.

– Okay. – Which room? – One of them went to the right! – Hold the hallway! – Grenade! – Missed me. – Minus! It’s hard for us to push closer, so I decide to shut the door. – We can hold it now! – Get closer! – Ouch! I’m down! Yeah, such a close position to the door frame wasn’t a good idea.

But we managed to hold the corridor and the bigger part of the building. But unfortunately, we didn’t manage to find the scientist. He was hiding in one of the rooms on the first floor. Neither us nor enemy could find him due to heavy crossfire.

Sponsor advertisement – Ok, who’s up or down? – I’ll go up. So while both teams are trying to get to the scientist who locked himself up in the middle of the lab, smaller groups are flanking. I decide to work on my right flank, but since the facility is located in the gorge – I have to climb up.

I can hear enemy group trying to flank us and decide to “welcome” them. – Point me! – Do I go higher? – Got it. After almost one hour of running, hiding, shooting I finally got killed and decided mountains are not exactly my favorite stuff.

I was just in time for a big assault to capture the scientist. Unfortunately, one of the files from my action camera got damaged. Only zoom camera now. It turned out that scientist was in the next room together with our guy.

But they cannot go out because of enemy fire. – Let’s get ready to cover them with all you got! – Cover them now! It was about time my action camera died. I could not film the extraction of scientist.

But we actually made it nevertheless and headed to the factory. I’m getting closer to our guys to help them escort the scientist to the factory. The enemy team is trying to interfere by all means. – Watch out! – It was from the window or the road, I guess.

– Got one! – Mortar Yep, they have a mortar. And it seems the ammunition is endless too. – Support needed. It appears we didn’t finish escorting the scientist, because the enemy team is shooting that direction.

We decided to mass-suppress them. – Let’s cover him. – He can’t get killed, let’s cover him with ourselves. – Okay, go! – Go, go, move it! – Shoot it through! Doctor, you go now! – Doctor, you have to go! – Pepper with fire! – Shoot! – Spray it! – Escort him! – Go! – Keep spraying! – Keep spraying! – Reloading.

Despite some challenge we managed to escort the scientist to the factory and started scoring victory points. This is to be continued, like and subscribe the channel. There’s also a lot of useful links below.

See you next time!


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