General sponsor Planet of airsoft StrikeArt Game pyrotechnics Babahi Airsoft pyrotechnics Airsoft Sports Hi everyone, I’m Evgenivich You’re on the Red Army Airsoft channel In this issue We will try A set of battle dress From the new line of dress by Stich Profi The set consists of Battle tactical pants Shturm With integrated knee pads And a Cobra battle shirt With an elastic base And RipStop sleeves Both products use durable RipStop fabric With a composition Of 50% cotton 50% nylon Before closer study the set I want to share with my StichProfi monitoring May be many of you have already noticed that Over the last couple of years They have seriously changed for the better Firstly This applies to new models of unloading systems and pouches Their own polymer details Fabrics that they began to use And clothing line From technological materials They have their own technological thermals Their own fifth coat And their own sets of battle dress In the popular colours Among Russian special forces So, pants and battle shirt Which we will try today Belongs to the new generation of battle dress by StichProfi First, that catches the eye In this set This is, of course, battle shirt Cobra By the way, it is patented Some time ago StichPofi put on the market thermals Balance Which is an inexpensive analogue Of technological compression thermals X-BIONIC If someone doesn’t know Such thermals In fact is both first and second coat And designed for a wide temperature range of use I.

e. Where it would be cold in the first coat In the thermals Balance – you feel comfort And vice versa Where it would be warm in the second coat In Balance you feel good Generally thermals Balance with the 5th coat Comfortably wearing in the range from -5 till +15 And if you take off the 5th coat So it is comfort till + 25 In addition Thermals has the moderate compression effect This, on the one hand, slightly unloads the muscles On the other hand You can wear it for a long time Wanting to transfer these characteristics to a set of battle dress StichProfi joined RipStop sleeves With the base of thermals Balance This way we get durable sleeves And the base which is for a wide temperature range of use Such a shirt should behave especially well In warm and hot weather Unfortunately, in practice We have not been able to test it yet Because we are at the Urals And February But if we remember the experience of thermals use This can be believed in advance There is a condensation on the shoulders That will not redundant When wearing the body armour or backpack And which slightly distribute pressure From a point over a large area There are pockets on the sleeves Which close with a vertical zipper Just in practice That decision is more convenient Than standard pockets with the top valve On the outside of the pockets Of course There is Velcro for your favourite patches There are compartments in the elbow area To accommodate soft protection If, of course, you need it there On the wrists There are volume-adjustable cuffs With polymer strap The main minus of this battle shirt At the same time is a plus It all depends on your fitness If you have a sporty, taut body The shirt will accentuate your dignity And if you have a belly and sides So.

..you know for yourself Let’s move on to the pants Pants Shturm have a cut G3 modified in detail With elastic inserts on the knees Above the buttocks And in the groin area Inserts are made of material Which is very similar to SoftShell in its structure The material is dense, elastic Dries quickly And it removes moisture well I.

e. As it appears Inserts perform 2 functions To make the pants elastic during the move And to remove excess moisture and warmth Cut, as I said Generally repeats the cut of standard G3 But just in case I will briefly list all the functionality Pants fasten with a zipper and Velcro There are belt loops on the belt If it needs The width of the belt is adjusted using A polymer strap with Velcro At the back there are 2 side pockets with zippers On each side there are 2 bulk cargo pockets With valves and rubber bands inside In which the magazine can be placed Or the bottle of water There are 2 pockets above the knee In which there are rubber bands To adjust the knee in height If you tighten them The knee rises If you relax It goes down The volume of the leg width in the knee Is adjustable with Velcro There are 2 small pockets on the shin There, for example, a first aid dressing package is placed On the ankle, the width of the leg Is adjustable using the Velcro cuff Integrated knee pads resemble classic G3 AirFlex Only here are they manufactured by StichProfi Knee pads have a ribbed texture And made of elastic polymer With shock absorbing properties I.

e. It’s not hard plastic like most replicas of G3 knee pads A polymer that is closer to rubber Now, you are waiting for some kind of conclusion for sure Well, or at least wonder Can I recommend this set? I definitely can Moreover Given what materials are used And how it is all sewn In my own opinion This is one of the best price-quality combinations in the market At this moment The link Both to the pants and the shirt I left in the description to this video If you have any questions I suggest to discuss them in the comments As usual put your confident thumbs up Subscribe to the channel Press the bell See you soon!


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